Season 1 – 1995


1. “Pilot”

While working in his basement, Quinn Mallory opens the gateway to parallel worlds. For a test run, Quinn invites co-worker Wade Welles and his teacher, Professor Arturo, along. Upon opening the vortex, Quinn uses too much power, which causes the vortex to suck them in along with Rembrandt “Crying Man” Brown, who happens to be driving by Quinn’s house. The four arrive on a world that experienced an ecological disaster and they will have to survive until the timer hits zero. After barely escaping the last world, the Sliders think they are home. But to their horror, Quinn and Arturo learn they are not and have instead arrived on a world where the Soviet Union rules America. Rembrandt has been arrested for trying to use American money, and the only way to save him is for the others to help a group of revolutionaries rescue their imprisoned leader.

Episode Details
Airdate: March 22, 1995
Network: FOX
Director: Andy Tennant
Writers: Tracy Tormé, Robert K. Weiss
Notable Guest Stars: Linda Henning, Joseph A. Wagner, Roger R. Cross, Jason Gaffney, Tom Butler
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 14.1 Million, Rating: 9.5, Share: 15, Rank: 51
Worlds: Earth Prime, Elvis World, (7) Unknown Worlds (Not Seen), Quinn’s Double’s World, Chicago Cubs World, Happy World, Ice World, Communist World, Squeaking Gate World
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn (commenting about the timer): “So what do we do with this thing?”
Professor: “I never thought to hear myself say such a thing, but I believe we should consider destroying it. Einstein regretted that he had given the world the atom bomb. Oppenheimer, when he saw the first explosion, quoted the Hindu scripture, “I am become Shiva, God, the destroyer of worlds.’”
Quinn: “But think of the benefits. There are bound to be worlds that have outlawed war or cured cancer.”
Professor: “And worlds where they have perfected war and developed new cancers.”
Wade: “Maybe that’s why we should keep it a secret. If I found a place that was paradise, I don’t think I’d tell anybody.”
Quinn: “Well, I’d like to propose a toast. To wherever you live.
Rembrandt: “And whatever your struggle.”
Wade: “To the revolution.”


2. “Summer of Love”

The Sliders are separated on a world where the Hippie movement of the ‘60s is still alive and the U.S. is at war with Australia. Wade and Rembrandt are mistaken for extraterrestrial prophets at a commune, while Quinn and Arturo race to fix a broken timer and rejoin the others.

Episode Details
Airdate: April 19, 1995
Network: FOX
Director: Mario Azzopardi
Writer: Tracy Tormé
Notable Guest Stars: Barry Pepper, Abba Babatundé, Jason Gaffney
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 9.3 Million, Rating: 6.7, Share: 10, Rank: 78
Worlds: Spider Wasp World, 60s World, Tsunami World
Memorable Quotes:

Wade: “What are our chances of getting home?”
Quinn: “No one knows how many parallel Earths there are. There may be six, 600, or six million.”
Rembrandt: “If it’s six, home’s just around the corner.”
Wade: “What if there’s six million?”
Professor: “Then we have an awful lot of sliding to do.”
Quinn (ready to slide): “All right, let’s do it!”
Professor (to the Hippies): “Thank you for your hospitality, and goodbye! Yah!”
Rembrandt: “Stay cool, y’all. Great car! Sorry about the lights! Yah!”
Skidd (to Wade): “Don’t go!”
Fling: “Don’t go, please!”
Wade: “I have to, you guys. But thanks for everything!”
Skidd: “Don’t go!”
Wade: “And remember, all you need is love.”
Hippies (together): “Love is all you need.”


3. “Prince of Wails”

The Sliders arrive in the British States of America, and Arturo’s double is plotting to assassinate a prince and take the throne. When the Sliders inadvertently foil the plot, they come into contact with a group of rebels trying to bring freedom to America.

Episode Details
Airdate: April 12, 1995
Network: FOX
Director: Felix Alcalá
Writers: Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin
Notable Guest Stars: Liz Sheridan, Sherman Howard
Nielsen Ratings:Viewers: 10.3 Million, Rating: 7.2, Share: 7.2, Rank: 66
Worlds: Tsunami World, British World
Memorable Quotes:

Arturo (to Prince Harold): “From the top– The First Amendment guarantees?”
Prince Harold: “Freedom of speech, religion, and assembly.”
Arturo: “Good lad. The Second?”
Prince Harold: “Right to bear arms.”
Rembrandt: “Scratch that one.”
Arturo: “Wait a minute. This is not multiple choice. This is the Bill of Rights.”
Rembrandt: “They don’t know that. We’re the Founding Fathers now. It’s a grave responsibility.”
Arturo: “We don’t have time! The Fourth Amendment protects against “unreasonable search and seizure,” right? The Fifth provides for “due process and the right against self-incrimination.” The Sixth– What’s the Sixth?”
Rembrandt: “Equal rights for all, regardless of race, religion, or musical preference.”
Arturo: “It is not!”
Wade: “It is now. 18 minutes until the gateway opens.”
Arturo: “Oh, the hell with it. You’re on your own, lad. Wing it.”


4. “Fever”

On a world where penicillin was never invented, Quinn is mistaken for his double, who is believed to be the cause of a massive epidemic. While he is imprisoned by a health agency, Wade shows signs of being infected and only Arturo can find the cure.

Episode Details
Airdate: March 29, 1995
Network: FOX
Director: Mario Azzopardi
Writers: Ann Powell, Rose Schacht
Notable Guest Stars: Will Sasso, Dean Haglund
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 11.6 Million, Rating: 9.5, Share: 15, Rank: 62
Worlds: Oil World, Strep World, Cannibal World
Memorable Quotes:

Wade: “I had the strangest dream.”
Quinn: “It wasn’t a dream.”
Wade: “Am I going to be okay?”
Quinn: “You’re going to be fine.”
Wade: “You look so happy.”
Quinn: “I am happy. Everyone’s getting healthy again. We really made an impact now. We brought the people on the last world a cure. No matter what happens from here on in – sliding made a difference. Get some rest.”
Rembrandt: “How is she?”
Quinn: “A lot better. She just went back to sleep.”
Arturo: “Did you tell her about the cannibals?”
Quinn: “No. Why stress her out? She went through enough on the last world.”
Rembrandt: “Who do you suppose they’re going to eat first?”
Arturo: “I suppose the young are more tender.”
Quinn: “Age before beauty. That’s a universal tenet.”
Rembrandt (to Arturo): “Don’t look at me. I’m just a “Chicken McNugget”. You’re the “Quarter Pounder.”


5. “Last Days”

The Sliders arrive on a world that will be destroyed by an asteroid before they are due to slide. Arturo works with Bennish to develop an atom bomb to destroy the asteroid, and Rembrandt gets caught up in an end of the world celebration, while Quinn and Wade confront their feelings for one another.

Episode Details
Airdate: April 5, 1995
Network: FOX
Director: Michael Keusch
Writer: Dan Lane
Notable Guest Stars: Jennifer Hetrick, Malcolm Stewart, Jason Gaffney
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 10.1 Million, Rating: 7.2, Share: 12, Rank: 58
Worlds: Asteroid World
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn: “Maybe the dust cloud won’t be as bad as they think, or they miscalculated somehow.”
Wade: “Don’t, okay? I don’t want to spend my last few hours worrying about something I have no control over.”
Quinn: “You’re amazing. I never realized it.”
Wade: “There’s a lot of things about me you never realized.”
Quinn: “Oh yeah? What else?”
Wade (resisting kissing): “Do you have any matches?”
Quinn: “I’ll go check.”
Wade: “Great.”
Quinn: “If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t have been so impatient. I would’ve waited till I knew more about what I was doing before I started sliding.”
Wade: “Hmm. Part of me likes not being in control, just having to go with the experience. It’s like when I am in control I just, I just can’t let go, you know? It’s like I’m always afraid to do what I wanted or say what I’m really feeling.”


6. “The Weaker Sex”

The Sliders arrive on a world where roles are reversed with women holding the positions of power. Arturo becomes a candidate for the mayoral race in San Francisco, trying to bring about a “men’s rights” movement.

Episode Details
Airdate: May 3, 1995
Network: FOX
Director: Vern Gillum
Writers: Dawn Prestwich, Nicole Yorkin
Notable Guest Stars: Robert Curtis Brown, Sara Botsford, Alf Humphreys
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 8.8 Million, Rating: 6.1, Share: 10, Rank: 73
Worlds: Men’s Right’s World, Utopian World
Memorable Quotes:

Arturo: “How can I put it? I feel exhilarated. I feel like Martin Luther King must have felt on the march of Selma.”
Quinn: “You cannot be serious about continuing the campaign. You made you’re point, but come on!”
Arturo: “We have 23% of the electorate. Tracking says we can only go up. Look, there are young boys on this world, young men who, who can never dream of heading a company or being an astronaut, or even playing major league baseball. How could I let them down?”
Quinn: “If you win this election, you’re gonna stay here, aren’t you?”


7. “Eggheads”

On a world where being smart is the equivalent of being a sports star, Quinn is a popular college athlete and finds his double had underhanded dealings with gangsters. Meanwhile, Arturo discovers his late wife is alive on this world and tries for reconciliation after learning she is pressing for divorce.

Episode Details
Airdate: April 26, 1995
Network: FOX
Director: Timothy Bond
Writers: Scott Smith Miller, Jacob Epstein
Notable Guest Stars: William B. Davis, Charles Cyphers
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 7.9 Million, Rating: 5.9, Share: 10, Rank: 78
World: Genius World
Memorable Quotes:

Arturo: “Come on, hurry up! Over here. 30 seconds!
Jimmy: “Hold it! (shoots gun) This is sweet. This is gonna be worth the million bucks.”
FBI Agent O’Brian: “Drop the gun. FBI.”
FBI Agent Cannon: “Drop the guns.”
Jimmy: “What is this? You set me up?”
Quinn: “Professor…?
Arturo: “Three, two, one.”
Jimmy: “What’s he doing?”
Quinn: “Slide for your lives!”
Rembrandt: “Geronimo!”
Quinn: “Vie carenis, ennundum.”
Man: Where’d he go? They disappeared!
FBI Agent O’Brian: “Vie carenis, ennundum. What is that?”
Jimmy: “Latin.”
FBI Agent Cannon: “What’s that mean?”
Jimmy: “So long suckers.”


8. “The King is Back”

Rembrandt has arrived on his dream world, where his double is as popular as Elvis, but has been dead for eight years. As Rembrandt gets to enjoy the fame he’s long since wanted, an old enemy plots to make sure he disappears for good.

Episode Details
Airdate: May 10, 1995
Network: FOX
Director: Vern Gillum
Writer: Tracy Tormé
Notable Guest Stars: Clinton Derricks-Carroll, Will Sasso, Zach Ward (uncredited)
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 7.7 Million, Rating: 5.6, Share: 9, Rank: 80
Worlds: Instant Justice World, Crying Man World, Ice Cream World
Memorable Quotes:

Arturo: “Keep them away! Keep them away! Keep them away!”
Quinn: “Are you all right?”
Arturo: “I think all the essentials are still there.”
Arturo (to Gomez the hotel clerk): “You– will call the police now, and get us a police escort our of here, away from that mob!”
Gomez: “Whoa, be reasonable. A police escort? Mr. Pavarotti–
Arturo: “I am not Mr. Pavarotti! Mr. Pavarotti is an Italian. He speak-a like-a this. Do I speak-a like this? No! Why? Because I am an Englishman, you blistering idiot! Now, I have had it up to here with you! You had no right to advertise our presence in this third-rate hotel.”


9. “Luck of the Draw”

When the Sliders land on a seemingly ideal world, Wade wins the lottery. But Quinn discovers that the lottery is population control and the winners are killed.

Episode Details
Airdate: May 17, 1995
Network: FOX
Director: Les Landau
Writer: Jon Povill
Notable Guest Stars: Nicholas Lea, Jason Gray-Stanford (uncredited)
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 9.9 Million, Rating: 6.7, Share: 11, Rank: 70
Worlds: Population Control World, Evergreen World
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn: “It’s barbaric.”
Arturo: “On the contrary, my boy– in some ways it’s more human than our society.”
Quinn: “Professor, they kill people to limit the population.”
Arturo: “In our world, millions of people die every year through war, famine, disease, caused in part by the fact that we refuse to accept limits on our population. Here, they kill volunteers– painlessly, and generously reward their beneficiaries. Now… you may abhor their methods– as indeed do I– but as a man of science, you cannot dismiss the result.”