Season 2 – 1996


10. “Into the Mystic”

After separating from Ryan and Henry the dog, the Sliders make a rough landing that reopens Quinn’s bullet wound. On this world of mysticism and superstition, a witch doctor heals Quinn and has brains on the mind when they can’t pay the bill. On the run from the bounty hunters, the Sliders only hope is the mysterious Sorcerer, a man who could possibly get them home.

Episode Details
Airdate: March 1, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Tracy Tormé
Notable Guest Stars:Nicholas Lea, Phil Fondacaro, Karin Konoval, Deanne Henry
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 9.3 Million, Rating: 6.2, Share: 11, Rank: 76
Worlds: Evergreen World, Superstition World, Trade World, Earth Prime
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn: “It’s my house.”
Arturo: “Is it possible?”
Quinn: “Here’s the bad news. 53 seconds to the next window. If this isn’t home, if we’re wrong, we’re stuck.”
Rembrandt: “I don’t know, guys. According to this, OJ Simpson was tried for a double murder. The Raiders play in Oakland. Cleveland Indians made the World Series?”
Wade: “A lot could’ve happened since we left.”
Arturo: “That much?”
Quinn: “20 seconds—all right! This gate has been squeaking since I was 12. I know the sounds it makes like the back of my hand.”
Rembrandt: “I knew it was too good to be true.”
Arturo: “That’s what happens when you put your faith in sorcerers.”


11. “Time Again and World”

Wade witnesses a murder just before the slide, but as the Sliders land on the next world, the same murder is about to occur. This time, Wade intervenes and this gets the Sliders involved with a disgraced federal judge and a United States under martial law.

Episode Details
Airdate: April 5, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Vern Gillum
Writer: Jacob Epstein
Notable Guest Stars: Rebecca Gayheart, George Delhoyo, Will Sasso
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 8.3 Million, Rating: 5.6, Share: 10, Rank: 79
Worlds: Slow Time World, Martial Law World
Memorable Quotes:

Judge Nassau (to Wade): “I was prepared to die you know.”
Wade: “I know. I hope you understand I did what I thought was right. Things may not be as hopeless here as you think.”
(portal roars)
Arturo (to Wade): “Age before beauty.”
Wade: “After you.”
Rembrandt: “Go, girl!”
Quinn (to Natalie): “Are you ok?”
Natalie: “Yeah, I think so.”
Quinn: “You gotta be strong. Both of you. I gotta go.”
Natalie: “Will I ever see you again? I wish I understood all of this.”
Quinn: “Where there’s mystery, there’s hope. Keep hope alive!”


12. “El Sid”

While the Sliders wait to leave a world of violence, Quinn saves a woman from her criminal boyfriend, Sid. Sid then goes after the Sliders through the vortex, where they all arrive on a world where San Francisco is a maximum security prison.

Episode Details
Airdate: March 29, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Paris Barclay
Writer: Jon Povill
Notable Guest Star: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 8.4 Million, Rating: 5.6, Share: 10, Rank: 81
Worlds: Rogue War World, Prison World, Michelle’s New World
Memorable Quotes:

Arturo: “You understand, Mr. Brown, our timer was originally set for three people. Now it seems to be handling the four of us quite well. But every time we add an extra body, we increase exponentially the chances of catastrophic failure.”
Rembrandt: “Whoa, whoa—what are you saying?”
Arturo: “What I’m saying… is we increase the risk that you and I will be spread like very fine jam across an infinite number of universes.”
Rembrandt: “That is an ugly picture.”


13. “Love Gods”

On a world where a biological weapon wiped out most of the male population, Quinn, Rembrandt and Arturo become objects of desire and are imprisoned by the government to be breeders.

Episode Details
Airdate: March 8, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: John McPherson
Writers: Tony Blake, Paul Jackson
Notable Guest Stars: Gwyneth Walsh, Ona Grauer
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 9.5 Million, Rating: 6.5, Share: 11, Rank: 83
Worlds: Repopulation World, David and Diana’s World (Not Seen)
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn: “I heard some guy in the gym mention something about Iraq. Are we at war with them?”
David: “Iraq’s a wasteland. It’s nothing but ladies. It’s Australia, man.”
Arturo: “Australia a superpower? That barren continent was barely suitable for an English prison.”
David: “That “barren continent” was far enough away from the poison cloud to suffer the fewest casualties. They started this thing with over 1,100 men.”
Quinn: “Not to shirk our patriotic duty but we’ve got to get out of here.”
David: “Well, my wife and sister are planning to bust me out. All they’re waiting for is a signal. I can’t guarantee you that we’re all going to make it, but I could sure use a little extra manpower. You in?”
Arturo: “You can count on it.”


14. “The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy”

On a world where everything west of the Mississippi is part of the nation of Texas, corporate lawyers carry on the gunslinging ways of the Old West. After Quinn gets mixed up in a showdown, he gains the reputation for fastest draw in San Francisco and tries to prevent the hostile takeover of a family-owned computer company.

Episode Details
Airdate: March 22, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Oscar Costo
Writer: Scott Miller
Notable Guest Stars: James Denton, Kent Faulcon
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 9.1 Million, Rating: 6.2, Share: 11, Rank: 86
Worlds: Dust World (Not Seen), Gunslinger World
Memorable Quotes:

(Quinn removes his gun holster)
Billy the Kid: “That ain’t going to save you, boy.”
Quinn: “You going to shoot me in cold blood?”
Billy the Kid: “Warm, cold… it makes no difference to me.”
Quinn: “Go ahead. I’ll be gone soon, dead or gone, but there’s something you people should know. I come from a world where men face the same dark challenges as you– the urge to compete, to kill for power and pleasure–”
Billy the Kid: “You put that gun back on.”
Quinn: “We weren’t put on this earth to destroy each other. We don’t have to live like this.”


15. “As Time Goes By”

The Sliders find themselves running into the same people on each new world, one of them being Quinn’s former love, Daelin. After encounters on worlds where the Spanish rule American and Daelin is an abused wife, the Sliders arrive on a world where time moves backwards and they are accused of Daelin’s murder. Quinn wants to save her, but it could have disastrous results.

Episode Details
Airdate: July 12, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Steve Brown
Notable Guest Stars: Brooke Langton, Charlie O’Connell
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 5.7 Million, Rating: 4.2, Share: 9, Rank: 74
Worlds: Mexican World, Quinn’s Crush World, Backward Time World, Phone Booth World
Memorable Quotes:

Arturo (to Rembrandt): There’s no need to invoke a destructive child. Mr. Mallory has done it all by himself.”
Arturo (to Quinn): “Have you looked at the heavens?”
Wade: “Oh, my God, there’s a hole in the sky.”
Rembrandt: “Hey, what’s going on?”
Arturo (to Quinn): “You’ve changed the future. You’ve ripped a hole in the fabric of time. God knows what the consequences will be.”
Wade: “What could it mean?”
Arturo: “In layman’s terms, I fear tomorrow may no longer exist.”
Quinn: “Wow!”


16. “Gillian of the Spirits”

A lightning bolt strikes the vortex during a slide, damaging the timer and trapping Quinn on the astral plane. Now the Sliders are stranded on a world with 1950s technology, and Quinn cannot be seen by the others. He tries to get help from the only who can see or hear him, a girl that has a history of hearing voices.

Episode Details
Airdate: March 15, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Paris Barclay
Writers: Tony Blake, Paul Jackson
Notable Guest Stars: Deanna Milligan, Will Sasso, Tom Butler
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 9.4, Rating: 6.4, Share: 11, Rank: 85
Worlds: Rain World, Astral Plane World, 50s World, Naked World
Memorable Quotes:

Arturo (referring to the vortex): “45 seconds to closure.”
Rembrandt: “Come on, Q-Ball, let’s go.”
Quinn: “I can’t Rembrandt. The vortex isn’t active on the astral plane. You’ve got to go without me.
Arturo: “He’s right. Go.”
Rembrandt (touches Quinn): “I love you, man.”
Quinn: “I love you too, “Crying Man””.
(Rembrandt slides)
Arturo: “Mr. Mallory, we will find a world where there’s technology and I promise I will come looking for you. Goodbye, my boy. This is the hardest thing that I’ve ever done.”
Quinn: “Thank you, Professor.”
(Arturo slides)
Wade (in despair to Quinn): “I’m not going to leave you.”
Quinn: “This is no time to be noble, Wade. There’s nothing you can do for me here. The next slide might take you home.”
(Quinn kisses his fingers, touches them to Wade’s lips)
Quinn: “Go, before it’s too late. Go! Go!
Wade: “Damn you.”
(Wade slides)


17. “Obsession”

Wade literally meets the man of her dreams on a world where ten percent of the population possesses psychic abilities. It turns out he is a psychic and is next in line for the powerful position of Prime Oracle. But the future gets grim fast as Rembrandt and Arturo become prime suspects in a murder that hasn’t happened yet.

Episode Details
Airdate: May 24, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Colin Bucksey
Writers: Jon Povill, Steve Brown
Notable Guest Stars: James Patrick Stuart, Issac Hayes
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 6 Million, Rating: 4.2, Share: 9, Rank: 81
Worlds: New India World, Psychic World, Unknown World (Not Seen)
Memorable Quotes:

Derek: “She was all I had. I loved her.”
Quinn (picking up Wade’s body): “Love? She had to kill herself to get away from you. You call that love?”
Derek: “I didn’t understand.”
Quinn: “A lot of good that does now.”
(butler): “It’s time, sir. You have to go to your ceremony.”
Derek: “What do I do?
Quinn: “Same as me– you go on without her.”
(butler): “The President is waiting.”
Derek: “May God forgive me.”
Quinn (talking to Wade’s body in ambulance): “Why did I have to take you with me? I didn’t know what I was doing. God, I’m so sorry.”


18. “Invasion”

The Sliders land in the middle of a strange invasion and Quinn uses the timer to bring down one of the ships. Before barely escaping, the Sliders learn these new villains can slide at will and are soon captured on the next world. They learn their captors are the Kromaggs and are intent on conquering every parallel world.

Episode Details
Airdate: June 28, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Tracy Torme
Notable Guest Stars: Lee Weaver, Jason Gaffney
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 6 Million, Rating: 4.1, Share: 10, Rank: 81
Worlds: Roller Skate World (Not Seen), New France World, Kromagg World, Earth 113
Recognition: Emmy® Nominated Episode
Memorable Quotes:

Kromagg (to Mary): “Multiple time units spent probing the minds of the subjects revealed that they did not know the location of their home Earth. Their sliding patterns were erratic and totally random. The successful implantation of a homing device in one of the subjects will allow us to track their journeys, in hopes that they will eventually return to their Earth. And we will be waiting– and watching, ready to attack when the time is right. You have done well, Mary. You may have an hour of freedom in the garden before you go back to your cage.”
Mary: “Thank you, master.”


19. “Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome”

The Sliders have come to the most unexpected world of all… home. While Rembrandt and Wade use their sliding adventures to kickstart their careers, Arturo steals the timer and claims sliding as his invention. However, Quinn remains convinced they are not home.

Episode Details
Airdate: May 3, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Adam Nimoy
Writer: Nan Hagan
Notable Guest Star: Deanne Henry
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 7.2 Million, Rating: 4.9, Share: 10, Rank: 82
Worlds: Double World, Uncolonized America World (Not Seen), Psychiatrist World
Memorable Quotes:

Arturo 1 (to the Sliders): “Wait! You’re making a terrible mistake!”
Arturo 2: “Stop him! Don’t let him slide!”
Wade: “If one’s the imposter, why does he want to slide with us?”
Arturo 2: “Because without the timer he can’t get a Nobel Prize. He’s got to try for one in our world.”
Rembrandt: “What do we do, Q-Ball?”
Quinn: “Take them both. Sort it out after we slide.”
Arturo 2 (to the Sliders): “Like hell we will. Go, go! Run!”
(fight begins between the two Arturos)
Arturo 2: “Imposter!”
Quinn: “Professor we’re going to miss the window!”
An Arturo: “Hurry, my boy!”
An Arturo: “Confound it! Oh, My God.”


20. “In Dino Veritas”

The Sliders land on a world where San Francisco is a national park dedicated to the preservation of dinosaurs, including a deadly Allosaurus. A bad fall causes Arturo to injure himself and lose the timer.

Episode Details
Airdate: April 26, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Oscar Costo
Writer: Steve Brown
Notable Guest Stars: Jack Kehler
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 8.7, Rating: 5.6, Share: 11, Rank: 80
Worlds: Truth Collar World, Dino World, Paleontologist World
Memorable Quotes:

Arturo: “Yes, we have certainly have seen the best and the worst of each other.”
Wade (about Quinn to Arturo): “I used to have the biggest crush on him. Did you know that? Now, after everything we’ve been through… I just really love him, you know? Without condition. I’d give my life for him.”
Arturo (about Quinn to Wade): “You know, I think all of use would. The first time I met him, I was giving… a rather brilliant, but very technical lecture to a bunch of very distinguished scientists. Suddenly… this tall, gangling first-year student gets up and asks an impertinent question. I was annoyed at him. Then, about a week later, it suddenly occurred to me, that quite possibly he was right. Then, I was exceedingly annoyed at him. You have no idea, Miss Welles, the joy of being a teacher when at last you come across that rare and unique thing– that first-class mind. That boy is well, I’m sure he is! I can feel it in my bones.”


21. “Greatfellas”

On a world where Prohibition was never repealed, Rembrandt’s double is famous for fighting crime and corruption. Unfortunately, the trouble starts when the Sliders land in the middle of a wedding where the groom and bride are from mob organizations.

Episode Details
Airdate: May 31, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Allan Eastman
Writers: Patrick Sean Clark, Scott Smith Miller
Notable Guest Stars: Donnelly Rhodes, Mel Tormé, Clinton Derricks-Carroll, Will Sasso
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 6.2 Million, Rating: 4.5, Share: 10, Rank: 75
Worlds: Lawsuit World, Godfather World
Memorable Quotes:

Rembrandt: “You know, it takes a lot of courage to stand up to all this corruption.”
Rembrandt’s double (paraphrasing Edmund Burke): “‘For evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.’ But dark clouds are passing, my brother. A better day is bound to come.”
Rembrandt: “I hope so. Well, good luck, my man.”
Rembrandt’s double: “You, too.”
(Rembrandt slides)
Silhouetted person (to Quinn): “Hey, pal, you got the time?”
Quinn: “Yeah, it’s a quarter to four.”
Silhouetted person: “Is that all? It’s early. It’s—it’s still early. You know, they say a cat’s got nine lives. You place any faith in that old wives’ tale?”
Quinn: “Maybe… if you’re a cat. Wait a minute.”
Mel: “Just remember— the cooler the cat, the harder he is to kill.”
Wade: “Quinn, let’s go!”
(Wade slides)
Mel: “Keep your nose clean, Quinn. Take care of yourself.”
(Quinn nods and slides as Mel disappears)


22. “The Young and the Relentless”

The Sliders arrive on a world where the young are in charge and Wade and Quinn’s doubles are married corporate executives. Quinn winds up posing as his dead double and finds questions regarding his death. Meanwhile, Arturo and Rembrandt find themselves in trouble with the law and face jail time.

Episode Details
Airdate: June 7, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Richard Compton
Writers: Michael X. Ferraro, T. Edward Anthony, Von Whisenhant
Notable Guest Stars: Gordon Michael Woolvett, Craig Shoemaker
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 5.7 Million, Rating: 4.3, Share: 9, Rank: 75
World: Young Ruler World
Memorable Quotes:

Rembrandt (to Wade): “Are you okay?”
Wade (on her double and Quinn’s doubles’ relationship): “I just don’t understand what went wrong. They could have had everything.”
Quinn: “All right, people… here we go.”
(Quinn opens the vortex)
Arturo (to Quinn): “What happened to that Edulearn project?”
Quinn: “Who knows? Maybe with the bad publicity the governor will think twice and the public schools will stay open another couple of years.”
Arturo: “You can’t save every world you land on.”
Wade (gives their doubles’ photo to Quinn): “Here’s something to remember.”