Season 3 – 1996-97


23. “Double Cross”

On a world quickly running out of natural resources, Rembrandt meets his number one fan but finds her to be a little too friendly. Meanwhile, Quinn and the others meet Logan, a scientist at Prototronics who’s trying to develop sliding. However, they learn her plans for sliding are far from noble.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: September 27, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Tony Blake, Paul Jackson
Notable Guest Star: Zoe McLellan
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 8.6 Million, Rating: 5.6, Share: 10, Rank: 88
Worlds: Logan’s World, Arturo’s Lost World (Not Seen), Jamaican World, Logan’s Lost World (Not Seen)
Memorable Quotes:

Logan (to Quinn about the timer): “Once we figure out the bugs in this thing, the world is ours. All of them.”
Quinn: “What dark corner of our soul did you crawl out of?”
(Logan chuckles)
Logan: “Come on. We know we both have a dark side. Mine’s just a little closer to the surface.”


24. “Rules of the Game”

The Sliders involuntarily become a part of a human war game where the only winners are the ones that stay alive.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: September 20, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Oscar Costo
Writer: Josef Anderson
Notable Guest Star: Joshua Malina
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 8.4 Million, Rating: 5.6, Share: 11, Rank: 83
Worlds: Igloo World (Not Seen), Reality TV World
Memorable Quotes:

Wade (to Quinn): “Can I ask you something?”
Quinn: “I have a feeling no matter what I say, you’re still gonna ask.”
Wade: “What were you thinking when we all thought that that plane was gonna crash?”
Quinn: “I was thinking I was gonna die. I was thinking just when I was beginning to enjoy this ride, it was gonna be over and I was sad because I knew I’d miss everybody. And then, I turned and saw you. And Arturo, and Remmy, and I was suddenly okay because at that moment I realized that everything we’ve done, all the stuff we’ve seen, it doesn’t just disappear. It goes somewhere.”


25. “Dead Man Sliding”

On a world where the legal system is in the form of televised games shows, Quinn arrested, tried and sentenced to death for the crimes of his double.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: November 29, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Nan Hagan
Notable Guest Stars: Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Don Most
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 8.5 Million, Rating: 5.2, Share: 10, Rank: 74
Worlds: Buttonwillow World (Not Seen), Lemoore World (Not Seen), Wasco World (Not Seen), Justice Voting World, Green People World
Memorable Quotes:

(Arturo points to a woman in a house after the slide)
Quinn: “Oh, no. She’s got a video camera. I will be right back.”
Arturo: “Mr. Mallory.”
(Quinn runs into the house)
Wade: “Come on. Don’t let him get arrested again.”
(Quinn walks out with a videotape)
Rembrandt: “She actually gave it to you?”
Quinn: “Not exactly.”
Arturo: “Quinn, you didn’t—”
Quinn (destroys tape): “Of course not. I simply told her we were alien life forms from another world, and if she didn’t give me the tape, we’d take her back home with us when we left.”
(Arturo, Wade and Rembrandt laugh and turn around to Quinn)
Rembrandt: “We look like alien life forms to her?”
Quinn: “Mmm-hmm.”
Rembrandt: “How is that? What exactly does—”
Quinn: “Trust me short, green, and moldy is not a great look.”
(the sliders run after Quinn)


26. “Electric Twister Acid Test”

The Sliders arrive on a world where electric tornadoes have almost completely wiped out the population. They find a secluded village somehow protected from the tornadoes and a dictator that may prevent the team from ever sliding again.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: October 4, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Oscar L. Costo
Writer: Scott Smith Miller
Notable Guest Stars: Corey Feldman, Julie Benz, Tim Griffin
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 11.1 Million, Rating: 7.2, Share: 14, Rank: 61
Worlds: Bobsled World (Not Seen), Electric Tornado World
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn (to Franklin): “Stop lying to yourself. You’ve held all these people hostage. You’re a jailer. Not a leader. You knew if they ever found out the truth, you’d be finished. So you just kept lying and lying, until the lies became myth.”
Franklin: “Jacob please…”
Quinn (to Franklin): “Maybe it’s too late for you, I don’t know. But you can still help them. Finish your work, find the answers to stop these twisters.”
Franklin: “I can’t.”
Quinn: “Then spend the rest of your life trying.”
Reed (to Franklin): “If you want redemption, then start with these people. They don’t belong here. It’s not their world.”
Franklin: “You’ll need to help me. I can’t do it alone.”
Reed (to Quinn): “Go.”
Quinn: “Take care of yourself.”
(Quinn and Reed ‘skin it’, a tribute to the movie Stand by Me)


27. “The Guardian”

The Sliders arrive on a world just like their own, only time is moving at a rate of twelve years slower than normal. There, Quinn encounters his young double and tries to change an upcoming event in his life, despite the other Sliders’ warnings.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: October 11, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Adam Nimoy
Writer: Tracy Tormé
Notable Guest Stars: Linda Henning, Marty York
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 10.3 Million, Rating: 6.5, Share: 12, Rank: 64
Worlds: MRI World, 80s World
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn (to Heather about his younger double): “I think Quinn’s going to be okay now. He earned the respect of his peers by standing up to the worst terror on the playground.”
Heather: “You known, the kids are all talking about what he did. He’s a real hero now to a lot of them. But, you known, I’ll look after him, just in case. Until you come back.”
Quinn: “Heather, I won’t be coming back. I can’t explain it. That’s just the way it is.”
Heather: “But I thought— I don’t understand.”
Quinn: “I know you don’t, and I’m sorry. I wish I could change the way things are, but it’s beyond my control. I’ll always remember you, Heather.”
(Quinn kisses Heather and walks away)
(Quinn regroups with the other sliders)
Wade: “Five seconds.”
(Wade opens the vortex and everyone slides except Quinn)
Heather (runs to Quinn around the corner): “Jim. Jim, wait!”
Quinn (turns around to Heather in front of the vortex): “My name isn’t Jim. It’s Quinn.”
(Quinn slides)


28. “The Dream Masters”

On a world where a group of social misfits have learned to torture people by entering their dreams, Wade becomes a target of the group’s leader.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: October 18, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Jefery Levy
Writers: Scott Smith Miller, Melinda Snodgrass
Notable Guest Stars: Zach Ward, Michael Des Barres
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 10.2 Million, Rating: 6.3, Share: 12, Rank: 74
Worlds: Cajun World (Not Seen), Dream World
Memorable Quotes:

Arturo: “The reason why I would not have fallen asleep on duty is quite simple. I do not take coffee late at night. You were drugged!”
Rembrandt: “I was?”
Arturo: “Yes! And if I do occasionally sound like the professor I am, it is because I enjoy teaching. I like seeing the light going on in people’s eyes the way it has gone on in yours. Mr Brown, I owe you an elephant… Uh, an apology.”
(Rembrandt rejects Arturo’s handshake)
Rembrandt: “Yeah. Yeah, all right, go ahead.”
Arturo: “I’m sorry.”
(Rembrandt rejects handshake again)
Rembrandt: “I was hoping for something a little more like, ‘I’m sorry that I thought the worst of you. I should have more faith in my friends.'”
Arturo: “I am sorry that I thought the worst of you. I should have more faith in my friends.”
Rembrandt (rejects handshake): “‘And I know that you love Wade as much as any of us and would probably give your life to save hers if you could.'”
Arturo: “Ditto.”
Rembrandt (rejects handshake): “‘And then there are times—'”
Arturo: “Don’t push your luck, Mr. Brown.”
(both laugh and hug)


29. “Desert Storm”

The Sliders land on a world with little water and come to the aid of a mysterious young woman whose gift to find water is being exploited by a group of thugs.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: November 1, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Jim Johnston
Writer: Matt Dearborn
Notable Guest Stars: Ken Steadman, Judson Mills
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 9.1 Million, Rating: 5.9, Share: 11, Rank: 91
World: Desert World
Memorable Quotes:

Master Healer (to Arturo): “I can help you, but only if you believe I can.”
Arturo: “Sir, I’m a man of science. I respect knowledge and truth.”
Master Healer: “There is a truth beyond knowledge, my friend. Only fools deny it.”
Arturo: “Are you calling me a fool, sir?”
Master Healer: “What would you call a dying man who passes up a chance for life purely out of intellectual vanity?”
Arturo: “A realist?”
(the Master Healer walks away)
Quinn: “Professor, why not give it a shot?”
Arturo: “Oh, come, Mr. Mallory.”
Quinn: “So the Healer is right. It is your vanity. You can’t stand the idea that you might be wrong. You’ll even die to be certain that you’re right? It’s your life, Professor.”
Arturo (stops Quinn from walking away): “Mr. Mallory. I keep forgetting that you are more fearful of my death than I am. If it will make you happier, I’ll go and visit the witch doctor.”


30. “Dragonslide”

On a world of magic and dragons, Quinn is mistaken for a wizard and kidnapped by and evil warlock bent on immortality. Meanwhile, Wade tries to help Rembrandt’s love troubles with a love potion, but it backfires and makes Rembrandt fall in love with her.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: November 8, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: David Livingston
Writer: Tony Blake, Paul Jackson
Notable Guest Stars: Max Grodénchik, Charlie O’Connell
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 9.4 Million, Rating: 6.1, Share: 11, Rank: 82
World: Dragon World
Memorable Quotes:

Alesha: “Rembrandt, are you in love with Wade?”
Rembrandt (under hypnosis): “I love her the way that most people wouldn’t understand.”
Alesha: “Tell me how you love her.”
Rembrandt: “Like the earth loves the sun. She brings me light when I’m feeling lost, warmth when I’m cold, laughter when the rain has fallen for far too long.”
Alesha: “Do you wish to make love to her?”
Rembrandt: “It’s not like that. I’m in love with her soul. If God so blessed me, that is what I would want to touch.”
Wade (whispers): “Rembrandt.”


31. “The Fire Within”

After barely escaping a world engulfed in flames, the Sliders now find themselves in a Los Angeles dependent on the sale and production of oil. Unfortunately, they learn they’ve brought along a piece of the fire from the last world and that it has a mind of its own.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: November 15, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Jefery Levy
Writer: Josef Anderson
Notable Guest Stars: Anthony Tyler Quinn, Veronica Cartwright
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 8.1 Million, Rating: 5.4, Share: 9, Rank: 87
Worlds: Baseball World, Hell World, Oil Dependent World
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn (to The Flame): “I wish you could tell me how to get home.”
The Flame: “Home?”
Quinn: “It’s a place where we’d like to go someday. It’s where we started.”
The Flame: “Where you like to burn?”
Quinn: “Yeah, something like that.”
The Flame: “If you release me in your journey, I will find a way.”
Quinn: “But how?”
The Flame: “Photon solar-wave propulsion and time-slip dimensional access.”
Quinn: “Come again?”
(woman on TV in The Flame’s voice): “All it takes is $19.95 and a credit card. Call now. Operators are standing by. Let us help you reach your weight-loss goals. …weight loss goals.”
Quinn: “You’re controlling the television. You can transmit signal waves?”
The Flame: “You do not?”
Quinn: “No.”
The Flame: “Why have you taken this limited life form?”
Quinn: “I didn’t have a choice. You did?”
(knocking on door)
Quinn: “Go away! We’re spraying for cockroaches!”


32. “The Prince of Slides”

On a world where the American government is a monarchy, Rembrandt is mistaken for his double and discovers that he is about to be a father of royalty. The only problem is, on this world, it’s the men who give birth to children.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: November 22, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Eleah Horwitz
Notable Guest Stars: Clinton Derricks-Carroll, Kevin Grevioux
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 8.6 Million, Rating: 5.6, Share: 10, Rank: 89
Worlds: Monarch World, Angel World
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn (talking to a drowsy Rembrandt): Hey, Remmy? Remmy, buddy? Welcome back, man. A lot has gone on since you faded out on me back at the hospital.”
Arturo (chuckling nervously): “Yeah. Yeah. This is a remarkable world, Mr. Brown. A couple of decades ago, a—a viral epidemic destroyed the capacity of the female population to carry a child beyond the, uh, second trimester. However, scientists were able to save humankind by the invention of shared pregnancy.”
Quinn: “Yeah, they—they—they created an artificial womb so the fathers can carry the baby to term.”
Wade: “See, the thing is, they mistook you for your double and, uh, before we could stop them…”
Rembrandt (looks down): “What the..”
Quinn: “And—And… Now, take it easy. You just went through major surgery.”
Arturo: “Yes, but the good thing is, with their advanced technology you’ll be up and about in no time.”
Rembrandt (rubs stomach): “Please tell me this isn’t what I think it is.”
Arturo: “I’m afraid it is, Mr. Brown. But here’s the good news. You’re going to bear royalty.”
Rembrandt: “I’m pregnant?! I’m not even married!”


33. “State of the Art”

The Sliders land on a world where the human race was wiped out by robots. Quinn and Rembrandt are captured by the robots’ demented creator who has plans to use them in a mind-transfer experiment.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: December 6, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: John Kretchmer
Writers: Nan Hagan, Schuyler Kent
Notable Guest Star: Robert Englund
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 8.5, Rating: 5.7, Share: 10, Rank: 84
World: Android World
Memorable Quotes:

Wade (to Deric): “I think you’re a little young to be a father, but I’m sure you’d be a great leader.”
Deric: “I will do what I can.”
Rembrandt: “Well, that’s all a man can do, huh?”
Wade (to Deric): “I’ll think of you whenever the particles in the atmosphere catch the light waves and scatter them.”
Deric (laughs): “Good. Then you will never be alone.”
(Deric and Wade hug)
Wade: “Bye.”
Deric: “Bye.”
(Rembrandt opens the vortex)
(Arturo, Rembrandt and Wade slide)
Quinn (looks back at Deric): “Last man out!”
(Quinn slides)


34. “Season’s Greedings”

On a world where people are enticed by consumerism and giant malls in the sky, the Sliders get jobs as mall employees in order to find the mother of an abandoned child. Arturo is a reluctant Santa, Rembrandt and Wade are his elves, while Quinn gets an administrative job. Meanwhile, Wade faces some strong emotions when she meets her sister and father.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: December 20, 1996
Network: FOX
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Eleah Horwitz
Notable Guest Stars: Chase Masterson, Jacqueline Obradors
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 6 Million, Rating: 5.4, Share: 9, Rank: 94
Worlds: Pygmy World (Not Seen), Jungle World (Not Seen), Greed World
Memorable Quotes:

Rembrandt: “Professor, the kids are…”
(woman on TV): “Toy Mania carries everything for every child of every age.”
Rembrandt: “Hey, are you all right?”
Arturo: “No, I am not all right. This is a despicable world. The children are all greedy, mothers think nothing of abandoning their infants. Everything about this is fake. Including me. What the devil am I doing playing jolly old Santa Claus? Just contributing to this fraud on children?”
Rembrandt: “That last story didn’t sound like perpetuating the fraud to me. You were trying to teach a kid a lesson.”
Arturo: “Yes, do you think he heard me?”
Rembrandt: “Maybe he did.”
Arturo: “No, I don’t think so. Not with parents so consumed by consumerism. Oh dear, all this wretched advertising and jingles.”
Rembrandt: “So, you’re just going to let them down because it’s too much work to reach them? Look, you’re wearing that suit. It comes with strings attached. You’ve got to keep trying.”
Arturo (shakes head): “I don’t think so.”


35. “Murder Most Foul”

On an over-worked world with an uptight population, Arturo is thought to be a fracture and is sent to a fantasy camp for a form of relaxation. When the others find him, they see he has been brainwashed into thinking he is a great detective on the trail of a Jack the Ripper-like murderer.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: January 3, 1997
Network: FOX
Director: Jeff Woolnough
Writer: David Peckinpah
Notable Guest Star: Adam Wylie
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 8.4 Million, Rating: 5.6, Share: 10, Rank: 81
Worlds: Bad Mood World (Not Seen), Reeducation World
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn: “I feel like one of the Blues Brothers.”
Rembrandt: “Don’t get me started on how they ripped off Sam and Dave.”
Wade: “If they think the Professor’s flipped out, getting him out of here may take more than a polite request.”
Quinn: “Once we find him, we take him no matter how rough it gets.”
Rembrandt: “We don’t even have a plan, Q-Ball.”
Quinn: “We have a plan. We just don’t know what it is yet.”
(Quinn, Rembrandt and Wade walk up to a clerk desk)
Quinn: “Hi. We’re looking for a friend of ours. Professor Maximillian Arturo.”
Dr Punch: “I’ll handle this. Um, I’m Dr. Punch. I did the E-Val on Professor Arturo. It certainly didn’t take you a long time to find him.”
Quinn: “We’d like to see him.”
Dr. Punch: “He’s on his way to Park 91-9. His fracture is severe, but Dr. Bolivar’s had great success with his new treatments.”
Quinn: “Well, I’m sure he has, but no such treatment has been authorized. Where is this place?”
Dr. Punch: “I’d like to see your identification please.”
Rembrandt (with authority): “I have a better idea. You show me yours, so that I won’t forget. This whole thing may fall hard. I want to be sure that it falls on you.”


36. “Slide Like An Egyptian”

On a world ruled by Egyptian culture, Quinn is used in a life-after-death experiment and thought dead. The others miss the slide when trying to save a woman from a sacrifice and become trapped in a pyramid with a big scarab.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: January 17, 1997
Network: FOX
Director: Adam Nimoy
Writer: Scott Smith Miller
Notable Guest Stars: Shaun Toub, Apollonia Kotero
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 9.7 Million, Rating: 6, Share: 10, Rank: 88
World: Egyptian World
Memorable Quotes:

Wade: “Hey! Rembrandt? What’s wrong? Where’s Quinn?”
Arturo: “Mr. Brown?”
Rembrandt (in shock): “When I got there, he was in an operating room. He was just lying there. He was dead.”
Arturo: “That’s not possible. I knew he was hurt but the wound was slight, not enough to…”
Wade: “No. I don’t believe it.”
Rembrandt: “I saw it. They did something to him. All his blood was drained. And they just left him there. There was nothing I could do. There was nothing I could do for him.”
(the sliders hug and mourn greatly)


37. “Paradise Lost”

The Sliders arrive in a small community, where the citizens are all young and fearful of outsiders. They don’t expect much trouble, until they uncover a deadly secret.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: January 31, 1997
Network: FOX
Director: Jim Johnston
Writer: Steven Stoliar
Notable Guest Star: Rob Youngblood
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 10.7, Rating: 6.7, Share: 12, Rank: 79
World: Worm World
Memorable Quotes:

(the sliders land face first on a sandy beach)
Rembrandt: “I hate this new timer.”
Wade: “All of our landings have tanked ever since we started using that thing.”
Quinn: “I’ll keep adjusting it till we find a landing we like.”
Arturo: “Or at least one we can survive. How long we here?”
(the sliders begin walking on the beach)
Quinn: “Three days and change.”
Wade: “Hey, maybe it’ll warm up, and we can catch a little sun and swim, huh?”
Arturo (points to sign that reads: “Paradise Beach 7 MI, Barnette 45 MI, Danger No Beach Activity Allowed!”): “Uh, I wouldn’t recommend it, Miss Welles.”
Wade: “Of course. First time we slide to a beach, and it’s closed.”
Quinn: “All right. Let’s go find Paradise.”
Arturo (referring to Sallah in Raiders of the Lost Ark): “I don’t know about Paradise, but I was in a place called Eden once. In Tunisia, in North Africa. Nasty, fly-infested place.”


38. “Last of Eden”

Wade and Rembrandt recall their slide to a world plagued by earthquakes and populated by primitive people. Wade falls into a deep chasm and Quinn goes to rescue her, while Rembrandt learns of Arturo’s illness.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: March 28, 1997
Network: FOX
Director: Allan Eastman
Writer: Josef Anderson
Notable Guest Star: Ron Melendez
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 7.6 Million, Rating: 5.1, Share: 10, Rank: 88
Worlds: Sleeping Bag World, Earthquake World
Memorable Quotes:

Wade: “We can’t save everyone.”
Quinn: “Then I guess we’ll just have to look out for each other.”
(Quinn opens the vortex)
Arturo: “Mr. Brown, I want you to know that I count myself very fortunate having you as a friend.”
Rembrandt: “Oh, man. See, now I’m gonna have to be nice to you.”
Arturo (laughing): Oh, we don’t have to create a precedent.”
(Rembrandt and Arturo laugh)
(the local named Keegan notices the vortex open)
Keegan (to his follower): “Wait here.”
(Arturo and Rembrandt slide)
Wade (to Quinn): You never really dropped a baby, did you?”
Quinn: “No.”
(Wade slides)
Quinn: “It’s a good thing they bounce.”
(Quinn slides)


39. “The Exodus, Part I”

Things don’t look good for the Sliders when they slide to a world that’s about to be eradicated by a rogue pulsar. Soon, they discover that this world has been developing sliding technology and they pool their resources with the U.S. government in a race to escape to a parallel earth.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: February 21, 1997
Network: FOX
Director: Jim Charleston
Writers: Tony Blake, Paul Jackson, John Rhys-Davies
Notable Guest Stars: Kari Wuhrer, Linda Henning, Roger Daltrey
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 8 Million, Rating: 5.3, Share: 10, Rank: 85
Worlds: Pulsar World, Giant World, Spy World, Earth Prime
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn: “We slide in 20 minutes.”
Maggie: “Well what happens if we don’t make it?”
Quinn: “Then we’re stuck here for 29 years.”
Maggie: “Okay, so what’s the procedure in a situation like this?”
Quinn: “There is no procedure.”
Maggie: “Come on. You must have been in situations like this before.”
Quinn: “Oh, yeah, I’ve broken out of guarded rooms, snuck across a military base and gotten my timer back from armed intelligence officers I’d say, at least a dozen times. Piece of cake.”
Maggie: “Hey, you’re the experienced slider. I just assumed there’d be specific strategies in case of capture.”
Quinn: “That’s not what it’s about. Sliding means improvising.”


40. “The Exodus, Part II”

Quinn and Maggie return to her world with Earth Prime’s coordinates stored in Jensen’s timer. As Wade makes the final list for those who can slide to safety, Arturo races to modify the new timer to slide more people. Unfortunately for them, an unexpected danger lurks the base and one Slider will not make it to the next world.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: February 28, 1997
Network: FOX
Director: Jefery Levy
Writers: Josef Anderson, Paul Jackson, Tony Blake, John Rhys-Davies
Notable Guest Stars: Kari Wuhrer, Roger Daltrey
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 9.1 Million, Rating: 5.8, Share: 11, Rank: 76
Worlds: Pulsar World, (6) Unknown Worlds (Not Seen), New World, Electric Station World
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn (runs at Rickman as a red vortex is open): “Rickman!”
(Rickman knocks Quinn backward into the other sliders)
Wade: “Quinn!”
(Rickman points a gun at Quinn)
(Arturo pushes Quinn out of the way before Rickman fires his gun)
(Arturo is shot in the chest as Rickman slides)
Wade: “Oh, my God.”
Quinn: “Professor.”
Arturo (to Quinn): “Get them home.”
Rembrandt: “Professor, hang in there. Hang in there.”
(Arturo slowly collapses to the floor)
Wade: “You’re coming with us.”
Arturo: “Sliders.”


41. “Sole Survivors”

The Sliders arrive on a world where a strange bacteria transformed the inhabitants into flesh-eating zombies. When Quinn is bitten, he begins to turn into one of them.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: March 7, 1997
Network: FOX
Director: David Peckinpah
Writer: Steven Kriozere
Notable Guest Stars: Stephanie Niznik, Jay Acovone
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 9 Million, Rating: 5.6, Share: 10, Rank: 85
Worlds: Crucifix World (Not Seen), Zombie World
Memorable Quotes:

Dr. Tassler (to the sliders): “You really can go to parallel worlds?”
Maggie: “Just like we told you.”
Quinn (to Dr. Tassler): “We have to leave. Debra, this is Dr. Tassler. He developed a cure using your blood.”
(Rembrandt activates the vortex and slides with Wade)
Quinn (to Debra): “You could come with us. But then…”
Dr. Tassler: “It would be the end of mankind here.”
Debra: “Well, you’re asking if I wanna leave this world with you?”
Quinn: “That’s right. You can come with us.”
Debra (looks at Dr. Tassler): “I never trusted doctors.”
Dr. Tassler: “You can trust me, Debra. We’re the only hope this world has. Look, it’ll take time, but we can start to inoculate people. We can create a groundswell of recovery.”
(Debra nods head in agreement)
Quinn: “That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? A lot of things just come down to loyalty. Don’t they?”
(Quinn and Maggie slide)


42. “The Other Slide of Darkness”

The Sliders track Rickman to a superstitious town. Their search is further complicated when Quinn and Maggie are captured by natives living in a mysterious fog. There, Quinn runs into someone from his past – himself.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: April 11, 1997
Network: FOX
Director: Jeff Woolnough
Writers: Nan Hagan, Scott Smith Miller
Notable Guest Stars: Kevin Quigley, Gregory Cruz, Neil Dickson
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 6.7 Million, Rating: 4.6, Share: 9, Rank: 92
World: Fog World
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn’s double (leans in and whispers to Quinn): “I’m trying to open your mind. You see what I really am. I want you to hate me. You have to. You have to kill me. I need to know I’ve done something to turn things around.”
Quinn (pushes his double): “Killing you won’t change anything.”
Quinn’s double: “It will change you. Your will, make you strong like them. Strong enough to get home, to protect it, to protect the ones you love. Like I couldn’t.”
(Quinn’s double turns around to an equation written on a cave wall)
Quinn’s double: “This is how it all started. Just an equation on a wall. God only knows where it will lead us.”


43. “The Breeder”

A creature embeds a parasite in Maggie just before the slide, which takes the Sliders to a world where young adults are used in a mandatory organ-donor program. The others will have to find Maggie before she finds the perfect mate and lays her eggs.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: March 14, 1997
Network: FOX
Director: Paris Barclay
Writer: Eleah Horwitz
Notable Guest Stars: Dawnn Lewis, Christopher Mayer, Paris Barclay
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 9.4 Million, Rating: 6.2, Share: 11, Rank: 77
Worlds: Parasite World, Organ Donor World
Memorable Quotes:

Wade: “You know, when we first started sliding, all I saw was adventure. Now all I seem to see is death.”
Quinn: “What does that mean?”
Wade: “Nothing.”
Quinn: “No. No, go ahead and say what you were thinking. You think this man would still be alive if it wasn’t for me.”
Wade: “That’s not what I said.”
Rembrandt: “Hey, Q-Ball, come on.”
Quinn (to Wade): “And the Professor. He’d be alive, too, if I hadn’t invented sliding.”
Rembrandt: “Look, that wasn’t your fault.”
Quinn (to Rembrandt): “It’s all my fault.”
Quinn (to Wade): “The Professor, this man, Maggie’s next victim. All because I lost control of something I didn’t know enough about. So please, go ahead and tell me what you were thinking because I think about it every minute of every day.”
Wade: “What about Maggie?”
Quinn: “Yes, of course. How could I have forgotten about Maggie? She’ll die, too. Thank you for reminding me, Wade…”
Wade: “What I meant was that Maggie would be dead right now if we hadn’t slid into her world. She owes you her life, Quinn.”


44. “Stoker”

Wade falls under the spell of a rock band’s charismatic lead singer, who is really a vampire and looking to use Wade to get the timer. Meanwhile, the others try to track down Rickman.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: May 9, 1997
Network: FOX
Director: Jerry O’Connell
Writer: Josef Anderson
Notable Guest Stars: Duff McKagan, Danny Masterson, Tommy Chong, Neil Dickson
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 5.9 Million, Rating: 4.3, Share: 9, Rank: 86
World: Vampire World
Memorable Quotes:

Wade (to Quinn): “I’m sorry. It must have been some kind of spell.”
(Wade cries as Quinn hugs her)
Wade: “Just my luck, huh? I finally really like somebody and he turns out to be a vampire.”
Quinn: “Shh, shh, shh, shh. It’s all right.”
Wade: “No, just— I want to explain to you. When—when I was with those guys up there, with the band, I felt like I really belonged. Like I wasn’t alone.”
Quinn: “You’re not alone, you’ve got us.”
Wade: “Do I?”
Quinn: “Always. I’m sorry if I haven’t made that clear lately.”
Wade: “Maybe I just need to hear it more often than some people.”


45. “Slither”

While on vacation, Quinn and Rembrandt get mixed up in an illegal snake deal and find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere surrounded by deadly snakes. Meanwhile, Wade and Maggie get involved with a shady man in their search for the others.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: April 25, 1997
Network: FOX
Director: Jim Johnston
Writers: Tony Blake, Paul Jackson
Notable Guest Stars: Randy Vasquez, Thomas Waites
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 7.9 Million, Rating: 5.1, Share: 10, Rank: 83
World: Anaconda World
Memorable Quotes:

Kyra: “Quinn, I know this probably sounds hollow. But I am sorry.”
Quinn: “Very hollow.”
Kyra: “In spite of everything I still think we could have had something special.”
Quinn: “We never could have had anything special. ‘Cause eventually, you would’ve shed your skin and I would’ve seen you for who you really are.”
(Kyra starts engine and drives off)
Rembrandt: “I don’t know, Q-Ball. I would have turned her in to the authorities. I guess I’m not as forgiving as you are.”
Quinn: “Yes, you are. ‘Cause you’re still my friend, even after I considered leaving you.”
Rembrandt: “Yeah, well I figure it was like in the Bible. The apple was there, the snake was persuasive. Only this time, the man didn’t bite.”
(Quinn and Rembrandt smile)


46. “Dinoslide”

The Sliders’ chase for Rickman takes them back to the world they helped colonize, the New World. Only now they find that the colonists are being hunted by a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: May 2, 1997
Network: FOX
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: David Peckinpah
Notable Guest Stars: Neil Dickson
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 8.6 Million, Rating: 5.6, Share: 11, Rank: 76
Worlds: Gypsy World, New World, Unknown World (Not Seen)
Memorable Quotes:

Malcolm (to Rembrandt): “When are you leaving?”
Rembrandt: “Soon.”
Malcolm: “Remmy, I can’t go with you. And you can’t stay here.”
Rembrandt: “How do you know that’s what I was thinking?”
Malcolm: “Because I’ve been thinkin’ about it. I wish there was a way we could stay together, but I can’t see it.”
Rembrandt: “Yeah. Yeah, you’re too important to Gretchen. She needs you, all of these people do.”
Malcolm: “And your friends need you.”
(Rembrandt nods in agreement, Malcolm sighs)
Malcolm: “I’m not gonna ask you to promise you’ll come back. I’ll just hope for it.”
Rembrandt (whispers): “Me, too.”
Malcolm (gives Rembrandt his drawing): “So you won’t forget me.”
Rembrandt (puts his arm around Malcolm): “I will never forget you, son. Not in a million years.”


47. “This Slide of Paradise”

The Sliders track Rickman to a world where a mad scientist has been experimenting with genetic testing and has created a race of human hybrids.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: May 16, 1997
Network: FOX
Director: Jim Johnston
Writer: Nan Hagan
Notable Guest Stars: Melinda Clarke, Michael York, Neil Dickson
Nielsen Ratings: Viewers: 7.2 Million, Rating: 4.9, Share: 10, Rank: 79
Worlds: Human Hybrid World, Future World, Earth Prime (Not Seen)
Memorable Quotes:

Alisandra: “Please, no more.”
Rembrandt: “Alisandra, it’s me.”
Alisandra: “Don’t don’t, don’t come any closer.”
Rembrandt (about Dr. Vargas): “What did he do to you?”
(Alisandra cries)
Rembrandt (pulls away Alisandra’s hand from her face): “What did he do to you?”
(Alisandra’s head is injured)
Alisandra: “Nothing he’s not allowed.”
Rembrandt: “No one is allowed to do this. Not to a human, an animal, or anything. It was because of us, wasn’t it?”
Alisandra: “If it wasn’t you, it would have been something else.
Alisandra: “He gets angry sometimes. He doesn’t need a reason.”
Rembrandt: “Maybe not. But I know what he does need.”