Season 4 – 1998-99


48. “Genesis”

Home isn’t necessarily where the heart is when Quinn and Maggie discover that Earth Prime has been taken over by warrior Kromaggs in their absence.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: June 8, 1998
Network: Syfy
Director: Reza Badiyi
Writer: David Peckinpah
Notable Guest Stars: Linda Henning, Armin Shimerman (Uncredited)
Worlds: (10) Unknown Worlds (Not Seen), Indian Biker World, Earth Prime, Kromagg Breeder World (Not Seen), Kromagg Slave World (Not Seen), Kromagg Prime (Not Seen)
Memorable Quotes:

Rembrandt (to Maggie): “I couldn’t save Wade. I tried. But they clubbed me down and I couldn’t get to her. It’s all gone now. My mother, family. These Magg devils, they have destroyed our world.”
Maggie: “Maybe we can’t save your world, but we have a shot at saving Quinn. And we have to concentrate on that now.”
Rembrandt: “Maggie, there’s no easy way to say this. I’m not sure if you can… if you can trust me. Don’t lean too hard on me.”
Maggie: “What kind of trash are you talking? I have put my life in your hands more than once.”
Rembrandt: “I was in that hole for three months, and they worked me over with their mind-control games and their torture. I’m not sure myself if they got to me. I fought it as hard as I could. But they could have programmed me, could have messed with my head somehow.”
Maggie: “I’m betting on you, same as always.”
Rembrandt: “I pray to God you’re right.”


49. “Prophets and Loss”

The Sliders jump to the scary side of organized religion when they land in an eerily peaceful Los Angeles ruled by an oracle that sends people to “the Other Side”.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: June 8, 1998
Network: Syfy
Director: Mark Sobel
Writer: Bill Dial
Notable Guest Star: Connor Trinneer
Worlds: ATM World (Not Seen), Oracle World, Oriental World
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn: “If that portal is a sliding machine, they’re going against all their own rules.”
Rembrandt: “How’s that?”
Quinn: “Quantum physics predicted parallel universes. If you do what we do, you have to have an understanding of subatomic particles moving from one place within an atom to another without going through the space in between.”
Rembrandt: “I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about, and I seem to slide just fine.”


50. “Common Ground”

The Sliders land in a world where the Kromaggs conduct ruthless experiments on humans, but trusting a Kromagg commander may be their only way out.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: June 15, 1998
Network: Syfy
Director: Reza Badiyi
Writer: Chris Black
Notable Guest Star: Stephen Macht
Worlds: Pagan World (Not Seen), Earth 147
Memorable Quotes:

Kromanus (To Quinn and Maggie): “On most of the worlds that we conquer, the inhabitants offer only minor resistance. Their primitive weapons are no match for ours. These humans, however. We killed millions, but they wouldn’t yield. The war dragged on for two years. And even though they must’ve known the battle was lost, they didn’t stop. Chemical agents, biotoxins, atomic weapons.”
Kromanus (turns off a view of the outside): “They chose death over surrender.”
Maggie (to Kromanus): “The Battle of California.”
Kromanus: “What?”
Maggie: “On my Earth, there was a world war. It was the second of three, actually. Human against human. The Japanese invaded the west coast of my country. The Marines fought them, block by block, but they kept pouring in reinforcements. When the American lines finally broke, they felt they had no choice. We dropped two atomic bombs. One on Los Angeles, one on San Diego. On our own soil. On our own troops. My grandfather fought there.”


51. “Virtual Slide”

Maggie’s sanity is in danger when she’s captured by a greedy businessman who uses virtual reality scenarios to try to get her to reveal the secret to sliding.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: June 22, 1998
Network: Syfy
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Keith Damron
Notable Guest Star: Brett Wagner
Worlds: Cannibal 2 World, VR World, Hangover World
Memorable Quotes:

Rembrandt (to Maggie): “I never had a family. My mother always wanted me to have one. If you could have family and success, you can have it all.”
Maggie: “The perfect life.”
Rembrandt: “Kind of hard to walk away from. How about you? You’ve been in. You’ve seen how real VR can be. Ever been tempted to try a fantasy, maybe relive a memory?”
Maggie: “There are some things you just can’t fix.”
Rembrandt: “But wouldn’t you want to see your husband again? Just for a little while?”
Maggie: “Of course, I would. But, you know, what I’d find in there wouldn’t be Steven. My Steven is gone. My world is gone. Some things just go away, Remmy. If you want to change your life, you have to do it yourself.”


52. “World Killer”

It’s double the trouble when the Sliders land in a world in which Quinn’s double has created a device that has caused the rest of the human population to disappear.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: June 29, 1998
Network: Syfy
Director: Reza Badiyi
Writer: Marc Scott Zicree
Notable Guest Star: Pepe Serna
Worlds: Movie World, Slide Wave World, Double World
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn (to his double): “You could come with us. Fresh start.”
Quinn’s double: “No. Thanks. I’ve got some work to do.”
Quinn: “Okay then.”
(Quinn’s double shakes hands with Quinn and Rembrandt)
Quinn’s double (to Maggie): “You could stay here, you know. I got a room you can rent, or we could share one.”
Maggie (looks back to Quinn): “Thanks, but…”
Quinn’s double: “‘No.’ He’s a good guy.”
Maggie: “Yeah.”
(Maggie kisses Quinn’s double on the cheek)
Rembrandt: “All right. Next stop, family reunion?”
Quinn: “Or God knows what.”
Maggie: “My father once said, ‘We can be the captain of our ship but not of the sea.'”
Quinn: “What does that mean?”
Maggie: “That we have to accept what the world hands us. And ourselves.”


53. “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

Quinn is finally reunited with his long-lost brother, Colin, but loses him again when he gets caught up in a frozen corpse-smuggling scheme.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: July 6, 1998
Network: Syfy
Director: David Peckinpah
Writers: Bill Dial, Marc Scott Zicree, Chris Black, David Peckinpah
Notable Guest Stars: Ben Jones, Charlie O’Connell, Adrienne Barbeau
Worlds: Amish World, Cryogenics World
Memorable Quotes:

(Amish-like farmers approach the sliders and a hang glider pilot who crashed)
Quinn: “Great. We’re gonna get beat up by the cast of Witness“.
Sheriff (fires gun riding a horse): Break it up! All of you, get back to your farms. John, William, Abel! Back to your farms! You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!”
(The farmers walk out of frame, Rembrandt throws a man his gun)
Sheriff: “Lucky for you I came along.”
Hang glider pilot: “Much obliged, Sheriff.”
Sheriff: “I’ve not seen you three before.”
Rembrandt: “We’re just passing through.”
Maggie: “We saw this man crash and we wanted to help him.”
Sheriff: “What sort of clothing is that?”
Quinn: “We’re from Canada.”
Sheriff: “Well, one of these days, you’re gonna go too far, Colin Mallory. Now, clean up this mess and get back to town. Quietly.”
Colin (to Quinn): “Thank you for your help.”
Quinn: “Not a problem. Look, uh, I really don’t know how to say this without it being a shock, but we’re a little short on time.”
Quinn (puts his hand on Colin’s shoulder): “I’m your brother.”


54. “Just Say Yes”

Colin and Maggie find out the hard way what drugs can do when they land in a drug- addled society and accidentally become junkies themselves.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: July 13, 1998
Network: Syfy
Director: Jefferson Kibbee
Writer: Richard Manning
Notable Guest Star: J. August Richards
Worlds: Mosquito World (Not Seen), Drug World
Memorable Quotes:

Damon (to Quinn): “Hey, I don’t understand your aggressive behavior. Testosterone imbalance?”
Colin (drugged): “Quinn, have you ever wondered why we have so many fingers?”
Quinn: “Colin, listen to me.”
Colin: “I am. You sound orange.”
(Maggie barks in the distance)
Quinn: “You have to… What?”
Rembrandt: “He’s hearing colors.”
Colin: “And seeing sounds. And tasting aromas. It’s fantastic, man. It’s like I’m one with the universe.”


55. “The Alternateville Horror”

One dark and stormy night the Sliders land in a haunted hotel, but the “ghosts” may be more closely related to them than they first appear.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: July 20, 1998
Network: Syfy
Director: David Grossman
Writer: Chris Black
Notable Guest Stars: Colton James
Worlds: Gay World (Not Seen), Acid Rain World, Astral Plane 2 World
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn: “They’re not really here. the equipment is just making them visible to us.”
Rembrandt’s double: “That is quite correct. You seem a bit more sagacious than our own Mr. Mallory.”
Quinn’s double: “Sod off, you brainy twit.”
Rembrandt’s double: “Allow me to introduce my traveling companions. This is Quinn “Howling Man” Mallory, a singer of some sort I’m told.”
Quinn’s double (sings): “Get us the hell out of here.”
Rembrandt’s double: “And this is Miss Maggie Beckett, exotic dancer.”
Maggie’s double: “Hi.”
Rembrandt: “Are you responsible for opening the vortex upstairs?”
Rembrandt’s double: “Yes, I was working on an antigravity machine when something went a bit awry. The resulting quantum disturbance sucked us into this ephemeral state.”


56. “Slidecage”

While trying to reach Quinn and Colin’s home world and their birth parents, the Sliders become trapped in a lethal labyrinth with no way out.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: July 27, 1998
Network: Syfy
Director: Jerry O’Connell
Writer: Marc Scott Zicree
Notable Guest Stars: Kelly Connell, Chad Todhunter
Worlds: Relaxation World, Slidecage
Memorable Quotes:

Rembrandt: “Blue skies, green trees.”
Rembrandt (gets ice teas): “Thank you.”
Colin: “We’re not home yet. But there’s places a whole lot worse.”
Quinn: “We’ll get there, bro. You can count on it.”
Rembrandt (about people in the Slidecage): “I wonder where everyone else went.”
Maggie: “Well, wherever they are, I can’t imagine peace between the humans and the Kromaggs lasting for very long.”
Rembrandt: “I was programmed to kill you, Q-Ball. Something I’ll never get over.”
Colin: “It wasn’t you who tried to kill my brother. It was the Kromaggs.”
Quinn: “Gotta admit, though, it was the perfect plan.”
Maggie (pointing to Rembrandt): “Not so perfect. They didn’t count on you making a friend who’d stop it. The Maggs could get in your head, Remmy, but they can’t get inside your heart.”
Rembrandt: “Yeah.”
Rembrandt (raises glass): “To Jules.”
Maggie: “And Thomas.”
Quinn: “And absent friends.”


57. “Asylum”

Rembrandt falls for a beautiful doctor who is Quinn’s only hope for survival, but her dangerous secret could mean doom for everyone else.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: August 17, 1998
Network: Syfy
Director: Michael Miller
Writer: Bill Dial
Notable Guest Star: Thorsten Kaye
Worlds: Relaxation World, Western Civil War World, Second Amendment World, Global Warming World (Not Seen), Opera World (Not Seen)
Memorable Quotes:

Rembrandt (to Grace about Quinn): “I don’t know what you did in the war. I don’t care about that now. What I care about is my friend. Now, last night you said you could help him.”
Grace: “Well, like all great love stories, that was last night. Look, if they let me do this for you, what are you going to do for me?”
Rembrandt: “You’re a doctor. A healer. If you do this, you do it for you, not for me.”


58. “California Reich”

Rembrandt’s latest jump has him fearing for his life when the group lands in a dimension where minorities are rounded up by the violent racist elite.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: August 24, 1998
Network: Syfy
Director: Robert M. Williams Jr.
Writer: Scott Smith Miller
Notable Guest Stars: Shane West, Henry G. Sanders
Worlds: Racist World, Kirk & Vanessa’s New World
Memorable Quotes:

Rembrandt (about a room full of clothes): “Whose stuff is this?”
Harold: “You don’t think they gonna process you out of here with a C note and a new suit of clothes, do you? They take these to defray our ‘cost to society.'”
Rembrandt (grabs Harold): “How could you do this?”
Harold: “It’s the law. They took a vote.”
Rembrandt: “Did you get to vote?”
(Harold remains silent, Rembrandt sighs)
Rembrandt: “How could you do this? You fought it before. You just gonna stand by and let Schick stir up a bunch of angry punks with this racist bull?”
Harold: “So what choice do I have?”
Rembrandt: “What choice did you have when they turned the fire hoses on you in Selma? You chose to stand there and take it! Harold. There are some things that are so, so evil, you can’t believe that a human being is capable of doing them. So, you just pretend that it isn’t happening. Harold. It is happening, Harold. And it will continue to happen until you open your eyes and you do something about it.”


59. “The Dying Fields”

An Eden-like setting hides a fearful secret when the Sliders stumble across two Hu- maggs – part Kromagg, part human – who are involved in a deadly game.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: August 31, 1998
Network: Syfy
Director: David Peckinpah
Writer: William Bigelow
Notable Guest Star: Marshall R. Teague
World: Human Game World
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn (to Kyra): “Why don’t you come with us?”
Kyra: “There’s someone here. I have to show him what you’ve shown me. That we cannot deny half of who we are.”
Quinn: “Do you think he’ll understand?”
Kyra: “I don’t know. But I have to try. In a way, he is my family.”
Kyra (raises her hand to Quinn’s face): “I desire to touch you.”
Quinn: “Whoa, whoa, whoa. We don’t just touch anyone.”
Kyra: “But I see in your eyes that you will allow it.”
Quinn: “The eyes never lie.”


60. “Lipschitz Live”

It’s lights, camera, Colin when the Sliders land in a world where he is mistaken for his wealthy double and the whole society seems to be tuned in to a ridiculous TV show.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: November 30, 1998
Network: Syfy
Director: Jerry O’Connell
Writer: Keith Damron
Notable Guest Stars: Charlie Brill, John Kassir
Worlds: Talk Show World
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn (talking about Lipschitz Live on TV to bartender Hal): “People seem to really like that guy.”
Hal: “Are you kidding me? Man, Barry Lipschitz rules. His show is the only show.”
Quinn: “Literally.”
Hal (turns around from the TV to Quinn): “Now, don’t tell me you don’t watch it.”
Quinn: “Well, I travel around a lot. I mostly read.”
Hal: “Books?”
Quinn: “Yeah.”
Hal: “See, that’s the trouble with you kids today, you know that? You read too damn much, you don’t watch enough television. And how do you expect to keep informed on what’s going on in the world?”
Hal (shakes his head): “Books.”


61. “Mother and Child”

Maternal instinct causes trouble for the Sliders when they decide to help an escapee from a breeding camp and her half-Kromagg offspring.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: December 7, 1998
Network: Syfy
Director: Helaine Head
Writer: Richard Manning
Notable Guest Stars: Natalie Radford, Steve Rankin
Worlds: Kromagg Breeder World, Christina’s Home World, Christian’s New World (Not Seen)
Memorable Quotes:

(Quinn and Maggie hug)
Maggie: “It seems like we’re always taking care of everybody else. When’s somebody going to take care of us, huh?”
Quinn: “I guess we’ve just gotta do it all. You ever think about having a kid?”
Maggie: “My husband and I used to want one very much. But we had careers, and so we put it off. We put it off a little too long.”
Quinn: “You had no way of knowing.”
Maggie: “Well, you know, on some alternate world, I’ve probably got 11 kids, I’m barefoot, living in a shack on a mountain.”


62. “Net Worth”

Virtual reality takes on new meaning when the Sliders are split up on a world addicted to an Internet-addicted world and get caught up in a dangerous romance between an Online girl and an Offline.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: January 11, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: Paul Lynch
Writer: Steve Stoliar
Notable Guest Stars: Christian Oliver, Mark Sheppard
World: Internet World
Memorable Quotes:

Joanne: “I’m a node on the LAN, part of a WAN on the Web, but I can log on to any station. I just eyeball a virtual display of icons, look to select, blink to click. It’s easy. Any questions, I just ask my Knowbot. Take a look at the hits.”
(Joanne, Quinn and Rembrandt look at a digital screen)
Rembrandt: “Nice.”
(Computer): “You have mail.”
Joanne: “Scan now, read later.”
Rembrandt (whispers to Quinn): “Look, you getting any of this?”
Quinn: “Enough. The main thing is that she seems to think that I’m some guy she’s carrying on a net romance with.”
Rembrandt: “Yeah, I picked up on that. But how do we use it to try to find Colin and Maggie?”
Quinn: “Joanne, I might be able to send Rembrandt off with some friends, but I’d need to log on. Do you have a spare keyboard?”
Joanne: “A keyboard? Yeah, when I was, like, three.”
(Quinn stares at Joanne)
Joanne: “I may still have one in the closet.”


63. “Slide By Wire”

Maggie’s double seizes an opportunity to go to a different world with the unknowing Sliders, while the real Maggie is left behind in a brutal military experiment.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: January 18, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: Robert A. Hudecek
Writer: Chris Black
Notable Guest Stars: Meg Foster, Robert Jayne
Worlds: Fighter Pilot World, Medieval World
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn: “Fools! Don’t you know who this is?”
Magistrate: “No. And the same may be said of you.”
Quinn (looking at Rembrandt): “This is Rem… Rem… Remilio, mighty wizard in league with El Diablo.
Quinn (takes the timer from a villager and scares the others): “And with this devilish device that gloweth so wickedly and devilishly…”
Magistrate (points to Rembrandt): “Indeed. All the more reason to burn him!”
(People): “Yeah! Burn him! Burn him!”
Quinn: “No! No! Technology is just a tool. Neither good, nor evil. It depends on how you use it. Like the butter churn. It can produce the sweet buttery goodness, or it can produce the sour milk of funkiness.”
(Quinn waves timer at scared villagers)
Quinn: “The hell with this. My name is Quinn-tar. And now I will destroy you all!”
(Quinn opens the vortex and cackles with outstretched arms)
Quinn: “You people should really check out the library. There are a lot better books than this!”
Colin (next to Maggie’s double): “Lets go!”
Magistrate: “Stop them! Stop them!”
Quinn (waves the timer): “Stay back! Stay back! Stay back!”


64. “Data World”

The Sliders check in to a glamorous hotel with strict rules of decorum, but once the idyllic retreat has “scanned” them, they find themselves encrypted in a computer program they can’t escape.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: March 19, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: Jerry O’Connell
Writer: Joel Metzger
Notable Guest Stars: Roy Dotrice, Phil Fondacaro
Worlds: Farm World (Not Seen), Data World
Memorable Quotes:

Quinn (to Chandler): “Thanks to you, my timer is no good to anyone. Like everything else in this world, it’s a useless digital representation.”
Chandler: “I’m intrigued by its design. It seems capable of producing a gravitational rift. Perhaps a rift powerful enough to create and function as a gateway. Where does it go? Hey, Quinn? Another star system? Another universe perhaps?”
Quinn: “What we do, what we used to do, it’s called ‘sliding.’ And it is something that you will never, ever be able to do as long as you exist only as data.”


65. “Way Out West”

The spirit of the West is alive and kicking when the Sliders land in an Old West town and face a showdown with their old nemesis, Mr. K.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: March 26, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: David Peckinpah
Writers: Chris Black, Jerry O’Connell
Notable Guest Stars: Marshall R. Teague, Jay Acovone
Worlds: Subzero World (Not Seen), Western World
Memorable Quotes:

(Quinn and Rembrandt stand in front of nooses to be hanged)
Sheriff: “Pitiful. Can’t even turn out a decent crowd for a hanging.”
Quinn: “Hopefully business will pick up once you put the slot machines in.”
(Nooses are placed around Quinn and Rembrandt’s necks)
Sheriff: “Any last words?”
Quinn: “This sucks?”
Sheriff: “Yeah.”
Quinn: “I never thought it’d end like this, Remmy.”
Rembrandt: “Can’t think of anyone else I’d rather hang with.”
Quinn: “Same here.”
Sheriff: “May God have mercy on your souls.”


66. “My Brother’s Keeper”

Quinn’s body is not his own when the Sliders arrive in a world where he is expected to act as an organ donor for his injured double.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: April 2, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: Reza Badiyi
Writer: Doug Molitor
Notable Guest Star: Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Worlds: Mattress World (Not Seen), Clone World
Memorable Quotes:

Father of Quinn’s Double: “You saved my life.”
Quinn: “Yeah, well, don’t hold it against me.”
Father of Quinn’s Double: “So who are you really?”
Quinn: “Oh, so now it’s ‘Who are you?’ Not, ‘What?’ We’re making progress. Who do you think I am? You don’t think I’m a clone anymore. You said all that stuff about chaotic thinking and needing a controlled environment to get out of here, right?”
Father of Quinn’s Double: “Yes. I’m sorry.”
Quinn: “You mentioned the M-theory to your son.”
Father of Quinn’s Double: “Yes.”
Quinn: “And you were still going to take my eyes. You know who I am? I’m someone who’s a lot more human than you.”
Father of Quinn’s Double: “You know, my… my whole world has been shattered into pieces. I… really don’t know what to think.”
Quinn: “It doesn’t matter what you think. All that matters is what you do.”


67. “The Chasm”

The serene town of Middletown hides a deadly secret of human sacrifice that threatens to claim Rembrandt and Maggie.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: April 9, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: Robert A. Hudecek
Writer: William Bigelow
Notable Guest Stars: Angela Paton, Michael Sabatino
World: Contented World
Memorable Quotes:

Rembrandt: “Emotion is what makes us human.”
Maggie: “Yeah, you have to take the bad with the good, the whole package.”
Colin (about Mrs. Meadows): “Well, maybe she has a point. Who are we to pass judgment on other worlds?”
Quinn: “We can’t tell people what’s right or wrong. You just get them to look at things from a different perspective.”
Quinn: “Come on, guys. It’s been a long day.”
Colin: “At least you got a nap.”
(Quinn opens the vortex)
Maggie (to Rembrandt): “Want to go together?”
Rembrandt: “Yeah, why fly solo?”
Colin (to Quinn): “What will they do now?”
Quinn: “They’ll have to live with everything. Good and bad. Like we all do.”


68. “Roads Taken”

An unusual slide forces Quinn and Maggie to prematurely age, and it’s up to Rembrandt to find a cure before they are destroyed by life in a “bubble universe.”

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: April 16, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: Jerry O’Connell
Writers: Bill Dial, Marc Scott Zicree
Notable Guest Stars: Julie Adams, George Gaynes
Worlds: Navajo World (Not Seen), Mexico War World, Bubble Universe
Memorable Quotes:

Old Quinn: “Colin. Rembrandt. You may have given you life for your friends.”
Colin: “We know.”
Old Quinn: “Put your hands on top of ours.”
(Rembrandt and Thomas shake hands)
(Quinn and Maggie place their hands on top of Old Quinn and Old Maggie’s hands)
Old Quinn: “Say it, Thomas. You know the part we like.”
Thomas Mallory: “‘I have been here before. But when and how I cannot tell. I know the grass beyond the door. The sweet keen smell. The sighing sound. The lights around the shore. And you have been mine before. How long ago I may not know. Has this been thus before? And shall not thus time’s eddying flight. Still with our lives our love restore? In death’s despite. And day and night yield one delight once more?'”


69. “Revelations”

An aging sci-fi writer helps Quinn and Colin reunite with their birth parents, but the warm family reunion is not what it seems.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: April 23, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: Robert M. Williams Jr.
Writers: Bill Dial, Marc Scott Zicree
Notable Guest Stars: Jerry Hardin, Kristanna Loken, Ken Jenkins
Worlds: Giant 2 World (Not Seen), Job World, Issac’s Home World
Memorable Quotes:

Colin: “I didn’t find out about my true parents until my brother found me.”
Catherine: “And he told you how he was able to slide from one universe to another, and that there was a world where some kind of mutant race went to war with the humans.”
Colin (laughs): “Yes.”
Catherine: “And you believed him? No, it’s not funny. It’s not funny at all. I’m having to deal with the fact that my whole life has been a lie.”
Colin: “Issac Clark is still your father. I think the hardest thing about being a son or a daughter is realizing that your parents try to do the best they can. But they’re only human.”
Colin: “We’re just trying to get home. That’s all any of us want to do.”