Season 5 – 1999-00


70. “The Unstuck Man”

A lab assistant absorbs Quinn’s personality as the result of a malevolent scientist’s experiment, and helps the Sliders battle the scientist before he can carry out an experiment that will cause the death of billions of innocent people.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: June 11, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: Guy Magar
Writers: David Peckinpah, Keith Damron
Notable Guest Star: Peter Jurassic
Worlds: Shootout World, Combine World
Memorable Quotes:

(Rembrandt and Maggie exit a vortex that changes colors)
Rembrandt: “Wow! Never had one like that. Are you all right?”
Maggie: “Yeah. What was that explosion?”
Rembrandt (about Quinn and Colin): “Where are they?”
(Man): “Wow! That was really something! Who are you?”
Rembrandt: “Who are we? Who the hell are you?”
(Man): “I’m Quinn. Quinn Mallory.”


71. “Applied Physics”

Diana finds a powerful fusion generator with which she hopes to separate the two Quinns, but instead she inadvertently brings the malevolent Dr. Geiger back into the world.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: June 18, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: David J. Eagle
Writer: Chris Black
Notable Guest Star: Peter Jurasik
Worlds: Alter World, Monk World
Memorable Quotes:

(The sliders enter a room with a Kromagg holding Mallory hostage)
Maggie: “Mallory!”
Rembrandt (picks up a lamp stand): “Out of the way!”
(Rembrandt swings the lamp stand through the Kromagg)
Maggie: “Hologram.”
Diana: “Yeah, but what is it?”
Rembrandt: “It’s a Kromagg.”
Rembrandt (to Mallory): “Why in the devil would you conjure up a Kromagg?”
Mallory: “You think I did it? I’ve never even seen one of those things before!”
Maggie: “Then how?”
Mallory: “How do you think? I was using the travel agency and these visions started again. Nightmares. I saw some place. My home being overrun by these things. My mother was taken away. They were torturing you. And this thing made it real.”
(Mallory sits down and cries)
Mallory: “I saw a man, a friend, shot dead in front of me.”
Rembrandt: “Professor…”
Mallory: “I don’t know who he was. But he meant so much to me I can’t stop hurting.”


72. “Strangers and Comrades”

The Sliders find themselves trapped on a strange asteroid in hyperspace, waging a seemingly endless war against their mortal enemies, the Kromaggs.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: June 25, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Keith Damron
Notable Guest Star: Jerry Doyle
Worlds: Hyperspace (Not a World), Beer World
Memorable Quotes:

Rembrandt: “So that’s it, then, the end of our journey.”
Maggie: “Remmy…”
Rembrandt: “Maggie, none of that. We’ve been riding that wave of hope too freaking long. Our last chance just went south.”
Maggie: “Then we’ll just have to find another way.”
Rembrandt: “Sure we will. We’ll slide home tomorrow and take it to ’em. You and me against the whole Magg army. Between us, we’ve got a frozen timer, a muddy pal and 22 rounds, so why the hell not?”
Maggie: “Yesterday you said that you had enough hope for the both of us. Well, I guess it rubbed off. Now I’m gonna have to give some back to you.”
Rembrandt: “Save it. You’re gonna need it.”


73. “The Great Work”

The Sliders travel to a remote island where a group of monk-like people keep the world’s knowledge safe from a race of barbarians who have taken over the planet.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: July 9, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: Reza Badiyi
Writer: Robert Masello
Notable Guest Stars: Marshall Bell, Austin Nichols
Worlds: Tropical World (Not Seen), Volsang World, Giant 3 World
Memorable Quotes:

(Rembrandt, Mallory and Seth dig for clams on the beach)
Seth: “‘There.’ That sounds good to me. I’ve never been anywhere but this island.”
Mallory (picks up a rock): “Ah, looks like quartz. If I’m remembering my high school geology right.”
Seth: “You’re right. My father says it represents the purity of knowledge. The biggest and most perfect examples are displayed in the refectory.”
Rembrandt: “Listen, when I told your father that we were gonna leave the island, he said that that wasn’t an option.”
Seth: “Once here no one ever leaves. It’s not safe.”
Rembrandt: “What happened? I mean, was your world overrun?”
Seth: “Yeah. Most of it. At least that’s what I’ve been told. After the collapse of the Hemispheric Alliance, the Volsangs were pretty much in charge. Why did you say ‘your world’?”
(Rembrandt looks away to Mallory)
Seth: “I knew it.”


74. “New Gods For Old”

Mallory becomes the leader of a strange cult whose members are controlled by a man- made virus that takes away their individuality and transforms them into mere cells in a larger spiritual entity.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: July 16, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: David Gerrold
Notable Guest Stars: Angela Bettis, Stephen Macht
Worlds: Bir World, Bir 2 World, Bir 3 World
Memorable Quotes:

Mallory (to Maggie): “Quinn is gone, for good.”
Maggie: “I know. I’m beginning to like Mallory.”
Rembrandt: “You believe that?”
Mallory: “Yeah. I feel it.”
Rembrandt (softly): “I don’t. And I won’t.”


75. “Please Press One”

Maggie is held prisoner in a computer-controlled society that treats human beings as bar codes and measures their worth by credit debt.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: July 23, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: Paul Lynch
Writer: William Bigelow
Notable Guest Star: Reno Wilson
World: Cashless World
Memorable Quotes:

Rembrandt: “So, did you ever get busted?”
Mallory: “What are you talking about?”
Rembrandt: “Guy steals enough cars, odds are, he gets popped. I mean, that wasn’t your first wire job.”
Mallory: “I was into it for sport, not profit. I didn’t have the money for a car, and I didn’t like society on the bus. What’s a boy to do on a late night? Wire up a nice ride, drop it off later and sometimes I’d even top off the gas tank.”
Rembrandt: “Yeah. Had a cousin that was just like that.”
Mallory (smiles): “Hmm.”
Rembrandt: “Couldn’t keep a job. Never held his own. Keeping him out of trouble was like having a second full-time job.”
Mallory: “I don’t need you to watch over me, okay?”
Rembrandt: “Well then you watch yourself. ‘Cause we’re a team. We really can’t use a hot dog.”
Mallory: “I was a wild kid, made my share of troubles, but I’m different now, okay? Five years in a wheelchair does that.”
Rembrandt: “Fair enough.”


76. “A Current Affair”

In a parallel Los Angeles, the press is only interested in tabloid trash, and Maggie becomes embroiled in a phony affair with the President of the United States to cover up the very real war America is waging against Switzerland.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: July 30, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: David J. Eagle
Writer: Steven Stoliar
Notable Guest Stars: Eric Pierpoint, Michael Manasseri, Karyn Bryant, John Vargas
Worlds: Independent Media World
Memorable Quotes:

President Williams: “I’m only going to say this one time. So listen carefully. I did not have homicidal relations with that woman, Maggie Beckett.”
Reporter 1: “Did you have someone else kill her for you?”
Reporter 2: “Did you drive her to take her own life?”
Reporter 1: “Did the first lady kill her in a jealous rage?”
Bobby: “Look what we started!”
Mallory: “Yeah, we’re getting pretty good at that.”


77. “The Java Jive”

The Sliders leap into a prohibition-era America where caffeine is an illegal drug, cops are controlled by mobsters and underground coffeehouses flourish.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: August 6, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: Jeff Woolnough
Writers: Janét Saunders, Jennifer McGinnis
Notable Guest Stars: Sandahl Bergman, Michael Warren
Worlds: Caffeine World
Memorable Quotes:

Maggie: “I have never seen people who love coffee so much.”
Angie: “Oh, this is nothing. You should go to Seattle sometime.”
Angie (counts sugar packets): “Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.”
Angie: “Be careful with these. I only give you 10 at a time. You owe me 50.”
Maggie: “Fifty cents for sugar?”
Angie: “Fifty dollars.”
Mallory: “Must be really good sugar.”
Angie: “The best in town. Five dollars a packet. Ten packets, fifty dollars.”
Maggie: “What’s in the stuff? Heroin?”
Angie: “Uh, caffeine! Boy, you are out of touch. Haven’t you heard of the Gephardt Act? Now, you did know you’re working in a speakeasy, didn’t you?”
Mallory: “We’ve been out of the country lately.”
Maggie: “Canada.”
Angie (laughs): “That explains it. They’re still drinking booze up there. Here… they took it away, then our smokes, then our beef, our caffeinated coffee, all in the interest of the public health. As if we couldn’t make those decisions ourselves.”


78. “The Return of Maggie Beckett”

The Sliders land in a parallel of Maggie’s hometown, where her duplicate is celebrated as a heroic space traveller who had tragically disappeared on a flight to Mars.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: August 13, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: Peter Ellis
Writer: Chris Black
Notable Guest Star: Rob LaBelle
Worlds: Maggie Beckett World
Memorable Quotes:

Diana (to Rembrandt and Maggie): “On your world, you must have heard all those crazy theories, UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico, a secret deal between our government and extraterrestrials.”
Maggie: “We’ve seen The X-Files.”
Mallory: “The what files?”
Diana: “Guys, it really happened. Only, instead of covering it all up in the name of national security the way Eisenhower did, President Stevenson went public. He formed the Reticulan-American Free Trade Agreement.”
Mallory: “RAFTA?”
Diana: “And American business started benefiting from the alien high-tech.”
Rembrandt: “I knew it.”
Maggie (to Rembrandt): “What?”
Rembrandt: “Roswell, Area 51. I always knew they were keeping something from us.”
Maggie: “‘They’?”
Rembrandt: “You know who I’m talking about. Black suits, black glasses, black choppers. I was in the service. I know what the guys can do.”
Maggie: “Remmy, I never took you for a conspiracy junkie.”
Rembrandt: “Yeah, well, believe it. Polaroid cameras, transistors, fiber optics? You think we came up with all of that on our own? Velcro.
(Diana laughs)


79. “Easy Slider”

In a vast desert wasteland where combustion engines have been outlawed, Mallory joins a rebel gang of motorcycle riders that steal petroleum from a powerful conglomerate.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: August 20, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: David Peckinpah
Writers: Janét Saunders, Jennifer McGinnis
Notable Guest Star: Neil Flynn
Worlds: Smokers World
Memorable Quotes:

Rembrandt: “A guy on the bus told me that internal combustion engines were banned about a year ago. Some kind of clean air act.”
Mallory: “What about the bus?”
Diana: “Hydrogen power. No private car ownership. Apparently, you can time-share one of the government’s hydrowagons if you don’t mind an eight-month waiting list.”
Maggie: “Well, it’s called Kincaid Petro. They have oil, what do they do with it?”
Diana: “Paints, plastics, cosmetics.”
Rembrandt: “Salad dressing.”


80. “Requiem”

Rembrandt becomes telepathically linked to a friend he lost long ago who is now being used by the Kromaggs as a sinister kind of human computer to help them destroy the human race.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: September 10, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: Paul Lynch
Writer: Michael Reaves
Notable Guest Star: Sabrina Lloyd (voice)
Worlds: Toxic Smog World (Not Seen), Paradise World, Hotel World, Kromagg Computer World
Memorable Quotes:

Rembrandt: “Wade’s gone. But somehow, I feel, I sense…”
Maggie (touches Rembrandt’s lips): “Shh.”
(Maggie, Diana, and Mallory walk ahead of Rembrandt)
(Rembrandt looks down into a pond reflecting Wade’s image)
Wade: “I’ll always be with you, Remmy. Whenever you need me, I’ll be there.”


81. “Map of the Mind”

Review: TBD

At a sinister health facility, Diana is subjected to a brain remapping procedure that gives her strange telekinetic powers but also sends her mind into a kind of void, rendering her unable to communicate with her friends.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: September 17, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: Paul Raimondi
Writer: Robert Masello
Notable Guest Star: Paul Sand
Worlds: Collective World, Bench World
Memorable Quotes:

Rembrandt (to people in a mental institution): “Oh, I’m here to tell ya that ya gotta get mean!”
All: “Yeah!”
Rembrandt: “You got to get angry! You got to go crazy!”
(everyone cheers)
Rembrandt: “That’s the stuff! No more fancy tea parties. Say it!”
All (chanting): “No more fancy tea parties! No more fancy tea parties! No more fancy tea parties! No more fancy tea parties!”
Rembrandt (unlocks the door): “Come on, out that door.”
Dr. White: “That was very good. You must have done that before.”
Rembrandt: “Yeah, well, when you grew up in a Baptist church, some things just stick with you.”
Rembrandt (man re-enters the room): “Make up your mind, brother.”
Dr. White: “Why’d you do it?”
Rembrandt: “My friend needs help. You see, where I come from, people have rights. To say what they want, what they believe. And when someone wants to take away those rights, well, you watch out, ’cause we’ll fight like hell to keep them.”


82. “A Thousand Deaths”

The Sliders land at a high-tech pleasure resort which offers realistic games featuring action scenarios, but they discover that the holographic people in the games are powered by real human minds trapped by the sinister owner of the resort.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: September 24, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: David Peckinpah
Writer: Keith Damron
Notable Guest Star: Frank John Hughes
Worlds: Fast Food World, Video Game World
Memorable Quotes:

Mallory: “I ran into that union soldier again. I couldn’t get much out of him. All he said was, ‘I died a thousand times.’ Wonder what he meant by that?”
Rembrandt: “Well, I’m no expert but I guess they mean that they use the same computer simulations over and over. I mean, you could say that these things die a thousand times.”
Mallory: “I’ve killed a thousand times.”
Rembrandt: “What the hell are you talking about?”
Mallory: “Remember when I told you I read a lot when I was confined to that wheelchair?”
Rembrandt: “Yes.”
Mallory: “That’s not all I did. I played a lot of video games. A lot of shoot-em-up type stuff. I would spend hours staring into a TV screen, mindlessly blasting anything that moved. It never occurred to me that I was blowing away images of people. Thousands of people without giving it a second thought.”


83. “Heavy Metal”

In a world where modern technology is unheard of and pirates still sail the open seas, the Sliders must find their way back to the slide zone before time runs out.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: October 1, 1999
Network: Syfy
Director: Guy Magar
Writer: Chris Black
Notable Guest Stars: Marshall R. Teague
Worlds: Pirate World
Memorable Quotes:

Paxton (to Maggie): “You asked to join us, remember?”
Maggie: “I don’t like killing.”
Paxton: “Good. I won’t have any man on my crew who does. But I’ll kill. Or die to protect my people. I have a feeling you’d do the same.”
(Maggie walks away, Paxton follows)
Paxton: “You don’t care for me, do you, Maggie?”
Maggie: “You’re a good leader. Competent, loyal. You take care of your people.”
Paxton: “But it’s not enough?”
Maggie: “What good is a fight without a cause? It’s one thing to break the law for something you really believe in, but if you’re doing this just for the fun of it, well, then you’re nothing more than a common thief.”


84. “To Catch a Slider”

Review: TBD

The Sliders arrive in the midst of a film festival with their timer severely malfunctioning, and the only way to repair it is to steal a costly jewel worn by one of the wealthy celebrities at the festival.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: January 14, 2000
Network: Syfy
Director: Peter Ellis
Writer: Bill Dial, Chris Black
Notable Guest Star: Judith McConnell
Worlds: Shoe World, Alley World, Film Festival World
Memorable Quotes:

Mallory: “I can’t believe Quinn didn’t have some kind of backup system.”
Maggie: “He may have. But we’ll never know now, will we?”
Rembrandt: “Well, there may be another problem.”
Mallory: “This one’s not good enough for you?”
Rembrandt: “This is not the original timer. It’s not the one that Quinn made.”
Diana: “Well, who did?”
Rembrandt: “Well, we were in a world where the Egyptians still ruled. Got stuck inside of this pyramid, so we ended up with a timer that the Egyptian scientists had made. It always worked up until now. I never thought to ask how.”


85. “Dust”

Review: TBD

The Sliders come upon an archaeologist excavating ancient ruins and realise that the earth as they know it was destroyed four hundred years ago in this world.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: January 21, 2000
Network: Syfy
Director: Reynaldo Villalobos
Writers: Tim Burns, Bill Dial, Chris Black
Notable Guest Stars: Ken Jenkins, Chi McBride
Worlds: Archeology World
Memorable Quotes:

(the sliders stand with their backs to locals)
Rembrandt (talking about a Cadillac like his): “Well, Could use a tune-up, and a good detail job, but otherwise…”
Mallory: “I guess you really have to run it more often than once every 400 years.”
Diana: “It’s time to go, people.”
Mallory: “We really gonna do it here? In front of them?”
Maggie: “Who not? It might make their faith in The Voice even stronger.”
Rembrandt: “Well, everybody needs something to believe in.”


86. “Eye of the Storm”

Review: TBD

The Sliders find themselves trapped in a world that is swiftly collapsing in on itself, having been lured there by Diana’s former mentor, Dr Oberon Geiger.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: January 28, 2000
Network: Syfy
Director: David Peckinpah
Writer: Eric Morris, Chris Black
Notable Guest Stars: Jay Acovone, Peter Jurasik, Jerry O’Connell (archive footage)
Worlds: Idolatry World, Collapsing World, Exotic Food World
Memorable Quotes:

(Dr. Geiger and Diana attempt to separate Mallory and Quinn)
Diana: “Adjusting vibrational frequency.”
Maggie: “Quinn?”
Dr. Geiger: “I’m getting two distinct frequencies.”
Rembrandt: “Come on, Q-Ball.”
Diana: “I can’t get phase lock.”
Dr. Geiger: “No, they’ve been merged too long. Their patterns have bonded together.”
Maggie: “You can’t separate them?”
Dr. Geiger (shakes head): “They’re like conjoined twins sharing a heart. I can bring your Quinn back, but it’ll take too much away from Mallory. He won’t survive it.”
(Maggie looks at Rembrandt)
Rembrandt: “Q-ball wouldn’t want that.”
Maggie (in low tone): “Shut it down.”


87. “The Seer”

The Sliders discover they are the subjects of a fanatical religion known as Slidology, founded by a man with psychic powers who has been able to follow them on their interdimensional adventures in his mind.

Review: TBD
Episode Details
Airdate: February 4, 2000
Network: Syfy
Director: Paul Cajero
Writer: Keith Damron
Notable Guest Stars: Roy Dotrice, Linda Henning, Jennifer Hetrick
Worlds: Exotic Food World, Slidology World, (1) Unknown World (Not Seen)
Memorable Quotes:

(a red vortex is open)
Mallory: “Rembrandt, give me the vial.”
Maggie: “No, I’ll do it.”
(Rembrandt injects an vial of blood containing an anti-Kromagg virus)
Maggie: “What are you doing?”
Rembrandt (breaks the vial): “Just call me typhoid Remmy. Now look, if I survive this, the Seer, he’ll know if the coast is clear. Just fix that thing and you slide with me, all right? If not, then you have a good life.”
Rembrandt (hugging): “You take care, Mallory.”
Rembrandt (to a crying Diana): “I’m counting on you, all right?”
(Rembrandt and Diana hug)
(Maggie cries)
Rembrandt (holds Maggie’s face): “For family, huh?”
(Rembrandt kisses her on the forehead and they hug)
(Rembrandt walks up to the red vortex)
Maggie: “Remmy…”
(Rembrandt slides)
Maggie (shouts): “No!”
Mallory: “The Seer said death would be immediate.”
Diana: “For the four of us, yes. But by sending only one of us through, we may have altered that time line. Look, we may have just changed the future. He may still be alive.”
Maggie: “Mr. Lebeau, can you see our friend? Can you see Rembrandt? Mr. Lebeau!?”
Diana: “I can’t get a pulse.”
Mrs. Mallory: “He’s gone.”
Maggie (crying): “Rembrandt.”
Mallory: “What do we do now?”