Favorite Character

Characters are an integral part of a television series. They are the lifeblood and this was certainly true to Sliders. If you have a great premise minus great characters you’ll still have a mediocre show. And Sliders proved this point, especially as the seasons went by.

It’s probably no secret my favorite character is Quinn Mallory. As a young boy watching the series I guess I looked up to Quinn (Jerry O’Connell) since he was the youngest of the bunch. Quinn’s a leader, a genius, and a young man set on the adventure of his lifetime. He’s no stranger to curiosity, hard work, and setbacks. Growing up, he had some difficult trials that shaped his character including school yard bullies, and the unexpected death of his father.

He doesn’t wear tights, he can’t fly, and he’s completely absent of superpowers. Far from a super man. However, Quinn is just that. A super hero that is completely fallible in every way the ordinary man is. He has taken three other individuals on a journey to alternate earths without a way to return them and himself, home. Nevertheless, he always attempts to protect them and remove them from dangerous situations. This in and of itself to me, isn’t necessarily a reckless scientist who has failed, but a person who has seen his scientific mistakes and owned up to them. He rushed his anti-gravity experiment that took three other lives away from their home.

There’s one significant trait from Quinn that sets the tone for the show and that is never, ever giving up. That’s not to say he doesn’t get discouraged but even through the most darkest moments of the show he pulls through the pain and encourages the others keep going. Every slider looks up to him, as he’s usually the one who knows the answers to the problems they face.

When push comes to shove I’d have no other person from Sliders to be by my side other than Quinn Mallory. He’s intelligent, determined, and will never, ever, ever give up. Who’s your favorite character?