In Honor of “Sliders”


In honor of the upcoming 20th anniversary (3/22/15) of the scifi TV series classic “Sliders”, a boarding pass for “Quinn Mallory” has been submitted to NASA’s Orion Flight Test via

NASA has invited the public to add their names to a dime-sized microchip which will be placed in the Orion spacecraft. The name “Quinn Mallory” along with over a million others will launch under the power of a United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket scheduled for departure December 4th 2014 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. (note: has been rescheduled for December 5th 2014). The flight is scheduled to make three orbits around earth with one as high as 3,600 miles. Subsequent missions will take Quinn Mallory along on future exploration missions including expeditions to Mars. The spacecraft is expected to be ready in the 2020s for manned missions to Mars, the moon and even asteroids.

Similar to the “Sliders” episode “The Return of Maggie Beckett”, NASA would like to send man to Mars. In the episode, the astronauts died from severe radiation poisoning while in space. For NASA, radiation shielding is a particular focus of the Orion project. You can learn more about Orion and the planned space flights at: NASA | Orion.

Boarding Pass: Orion’s Flight Test
Mission: Exploration Flight Test 1
Name: Quinn Mallory
Launch Site: Cape Canaveral SLC-378, Florida United States
Arrival Site: Pacific Ocean Transfer: California United States
Scheduled Departure: Dec 04 2014
Rescheduled Departure: Dec 05 2014
Rocket: United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy
Boarding Pass #: J2M1000001089966

“Ladies and gentlemen, you disappoint me. This intellectual torpor may be sufficient to earn you a job in some disaster-prone part of the world like Chernobyl or NASA, but it won’t cut the mustard with me.” – Professor Arturo, “Pilot”

“To those who dared to reach for the stars. In memory of the Intrepid Five of mankind’s First mission to Mars. Lost to the Cosmos, their fates known only to God.” – Interpid Mars Mission Monument, “The Return of Maggie Beckett”