“Into the Mystic”

Episode Review

Season 2
Airdate: 3/1/96

The Sliders arrive on a world where mysticism and superstition reign.

review10_1Creator Tracy Tormé’s battle to keep continuity from the first season to the second paid off. The premiere episode of season two picks up where “Luck of the Draw” ended, with a bullet to Quinn’s shoulder. The opening scene to the next world they slide to says it all. Period architecture lies in a night scene with a red lit building, while lighting and rain pour. The perfect horror movie looks in order. Rembrandt races to the nearest phone booth to find a doctor for Quinn’s bullet wound. I really like that the show took the time to create a phony looking phone book. Rembrandt barely finds a doctor among all the sorcerer ads.

As soon as the Sliders get to the doctor’s office they’re riddled with nothing but paperwork. You gotta love Rembrandt and Arturo’s reaction to the situation. “There’s one constant about every America we visit.” – Arturo. “Yeah, the healthcare system always sucks.” – Rembrandt. Not long after, Quinn and Rembrandt go up to see the doc and sure enough it looks like he came from your next door haunted house.

In some instances I feel this episode uses too many old fashioned “scare tactics”. As soon as we see the doctor’s face– thunder strikes, and unusual lighting marks the city. It’s the typical eerie approach to a sci-fi show. Why not mix it up and do something more creative?

review10_2Well it turns out this “witch doctor” can do nothing for Quinn’s shoulder yet charges them a $266.00 bill. Sounds like the typical fraud in America doesn’t it? Unable to pay, the Sliders make a run for it and shack up in the Dominion Hotel. Ross J. Kelly the infamous lawyer, and Pavel the cab driver are reoccurring characters that appear in this episode. Reoccurring doubles was a staple of the first season and I’m glad to see its being used in the second season as well.

The Sliders are soon approached by a “Grim Reaper” like character who gives Quinn a subpoena. He’s in deep trouble for not paying the witch doctor his dues. They go from person to person seeking advice in getting Quinn out of trouble, or else the witch doctor gets Quinn’s brain. They meet up with Pavel the cab driver. In this day and age people talk about separation of church and state. Well Pavel talks about the how Ouija boards in the classroom are a violation of coven and state. It’s fascinating how each parallel world differs from the next.

review10_3Pavel drives the Sliders to the only one they feel can help them… the Sorcerer. They have to walk across the Golden Gargoyle Gate Bridge to get there. The only problem is that half of the bridge is gone. Some poor special effects are used and I feel that it really hinders what could have been an excellent scene. The Sliders learn that the Sorcerer has the ability to slide from world to world. They contemplate if the Sorcerer can keep Quinn safe from the witch doctor, and most of all… get them home.

This is a decent episode that has a sinister feel to it, which we didn’t see in the first season. I think you’ll like the beginning of the episode that connects back to finale. Most of all the ending is bittersweet and it’ll have you talking for quite sometime.