In 1996 and 1997 Acclaim Comics produced a set of 10 Sliders comic books. An 11th comic was in production at the time but never published entitled “Get a Life”. The 10 comics are listed below including “Narcotica” which was written by Jerry O’Connell (Quinn Mallory).

1. “Armada!” 1 of 2

June 1996
Review: TBD

The Zercurvians escaped their two-dimensional universe and, with the help of another Quinn, learned to slide. Now they’re on a feeding frenzy across the dimensions-draining humanity’s 3D energy in a deadly painful process called the Raze. When the Sliders investigate, the Zercurvians threaten to drain the Sliders if Quinn doesn’t co-operate. Our heroes’ slide to ‘safety’ lands them on a world where the 1947 Roswell Crash marked the beginning of an alien invasion!

2. “Harvest Time” 2 of 2

July 1996
Review: TBD

The Zercurvians follow the Sliders to a world where aliens “harvest” the population with the consent of its power mad leaders. Quinn pretends to co-operate, thus allowing his friends to escape to another world where the inhabitants, the Atlanteans, fought off an alien invasion long ago. When the Zercurvians follow, Quinn transports the Atlanteans to stop the human harvests, while condemning the Zercurcians to an unending dimensional loop.

3. “Rapture”: Ultimatum 1 of 2

August 1996
Review: TBD

Escaping a world whose carnival atmosphere clashes with its biker mentality, the Sliders find themselves among people who believe that Judgement Day is upon them and pray to be taken up by the Rapture. While Arturo finds his double, excommunicated for his belief in science, Rembrandt discovers that Quinn’s alternate is creating dimensional holes in the very fabric of space-time and soon the walls between this world and the next will come crashing down!

4. “Damnation”: Ultimatum 2 of 2

September 1996
Review: TBD

Aided by Arturo’s double, the Sliders try to stop this world’s Quinn from ripping a hole in the space-time continuum. Bypassing alarms, they use his equipment to travel to the parallel earth where they hope to stop the process. If the first world was charitable, this one’s pure evil with Satanism and debauchery a way of life. While Arturo’s held prisoner by an alternate Wade, the others must find a solution before it’s too late!

“Fissions of the Soul”: Darkest Hour 1 of 3

October 1996
Review: TBD

Weakened by their descent into the dimensional loop, the Zercurvians summon enough strength to get their revenge. But their plan to snare the Sliders into the same trap back-fires, and instead opens a gate within each Slider-changing their personalities for the worse. Arriving on a world where human brains reside in perfect mechanical proxies, the explorers find they’re great demand-by powerful citizens wishing to experience humanity again – from the Sliders’ bodies.

6. “Dimensional Shadows”: Darkest Hour 2 of 3

November 1996
Review: TBD

While their personalities continue to breakdown to their basest, the Sliders’ friendship is pushed to the limits. Rembrandt sells out the others. But they’re not ready to be turned into spare parts and they escape, dragging him along. One of the proxies accompanies them, but experiencing confusion at being cut off from the neural net, she steps in front of a car and is literally cut down by it’s driver’s Ronin bodyguard.

7. “Soul Survivors”: Darkest Hour 3 of 3

December 1996
Review: TBD

The Sliders realize they must fight the black fog which sometimes takes over them. Arturo stops the ronin-they’ve sold their heritage of honor for mercenary profit. But he’s soon in the blackness again and about to behead Quinn when they’re overtaken by the gate. Home at last, they’re unable to control their dark sides and resolve to set things right. With one last look behind, they step through the gate again and return to their journeys.

8. “Narcotica”

November 1996
Review: TBD
Written by: Jerry O’Connell

The Sliders arrive on a world where, unable to stem the influx of drugs to this country, J. Edgar Hoover moved to legalize them-resulting in a reduced National Debt and a nation of government-created junkies. Arturo’s double became a martyr for the Grunge movement against the steroid pumped narc squads-a movement now led by Timothy Leary. While Rembrandt resists “toxification” by the FDA, Wade becomes hooked on the drugs permeating even the food.

9. “Blood and Splendor”

January 1997
Review: TBD

Evading the strange, hungry creatures living in the wormhole, the Sliders land on a world where the Americas were never colonized and the European white minority has been relegated to slavery. The Emperor Montezuma IV believes their arrival to be a divine signal from Huiziopochtl, the Aztec god of War, to begin his conquest of the universe. When Quinn refuses to co-operate, he’s consigned to the sacrificial altar! Can the others free him in time?

10. “Deadly Secrets”

March 1997
Review: TBD