Sliders: Original Television Soundtrack | Copyright © 2007 Dennis McCarthy

You can now own a Sliders soundtrack composed and conducted by Dennis McCarthy. This soundtrack consists of music from the season one “Pilot” and “Luck of the Draw” episodes.

– Single CD
– 18 Tracks
– Runtime: 44mins.
– Bonus Track

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CD Review: Sliders: Music From the Universal Television Series
Original Release Date: 2007

If you’re a hardcore fan of the show this is a must, for the casual viewer it’s definitely a give or take.

What truly holds this album down is it being separated from the rest of the music of the series, but that’s completely understandable since this album is exclusively from Dennis McCarthy. I also can’t help but feel like some tracks are a long lost brother to the Star Trek soundtracks, it has that type of feel. I guess it’s somewhat expected since McCarthy has composed several Star Trek scores.

Tracks 1-11 are from the “Pilot” episode while the remaining 12-17 are from the season one finale “Luck of the Draw”. Track 11 (End Credits) is a nice piece which would of easily fit in well with the premiere episode. It appears this track was meant for the end credits of the “Pilot” episode but was replaced with Cleavant Derricks’ “Cry Like A Man”. “Main Title”, “The First Slide”, Sliders Escape”, “Interlude” and “Finale/End Credits” come out as the top tracks on this album. The first three being adventurous and inquisitive while the following are tracks that harbor deep moments of melancholy.

Overall all this is a fairly decent soundtrack from the “Pilot” and “Luck of the Draw” episodes. But it’s not something I feel one would listen to every day or even every month for that matter. Perhaps once in a blue moon when you’re feeling a little extra in the mood for Sliders or that special anniversary of the show that comes around every year.

The following are brief reviews of each track:

Track Listing:
(from the “Pilot” episode):

1. Main Title

This track is one of the more well known on the soundtrack. It is first heard during the opening scene of the “Pilot” episode in Quinn’s bedroom.

2. The Wormhole

“The Wormhole” is an inquisitive track first heard when we are introduced to Quinn’s basement.

3. The First Slide

I really enjoy this track especially as the sounds twists about midtrack when Quinn discovers he’s not on his home earth just by having hints from the radio.

4. The Ice World

This is one of the more surreal tracks and nicely done which corresponds well with the Ice World we see.

5. Ice Tornado

This track builds anticipation of the incoming ice tornado and is presented in a dreamlike effect.

6. Strange Land

A track that’s ambiguous yet doesn’t have that special spark to it to give it great appeal.

7. The Rescue

This track has some nice melodies and a unique sparkle to certain notes which builds the longer it plays.

8. Wade’s Death?

A strong track of suspense that compliments the scene of Quinn wondering if Wade has died.

9. Sliders Escape

Certainly one of the best tracks on the CD. “Sliders Escape” has some riveting sounds as the Sliders try to escape the communists, then a short heartwarming sound completes it as Quinn gives money to a homeless man.

10. Interlude

“Interlude” is a fantastic track that’s quite somber yet heartwarming in its effect.

11. Finale/End Credits*:

One of the more unforgettable tracks “Finale/End Credits” contains the final piece of music heard in the “Pilot” before the credits roll. It also has a never before heard “End Credits” music that was intended for the “Pilot” end credits but was replaced with “Cry Like A Man”.

(from the “Luck of the Draw”):

12. Slide In

First heard at the intro of “Luck of the Draw”, it’s a short track that builds suspense and intrigue.

13. A New World

It’s a stark contrast in comparison to the rest of the tracks. It has a nice refreshing tone that’s quite nice.

14. The Girl’s Suicide

Don’t let the title fool you. This is a nice track that’s dark yet beautiful in its presentation.

15. Jail Break

An upbeat track that has a nice beat but lacks a lasting appeal.

16. Wade In Danger

“Wade In Danger” has an edgy and uncertain tone to it which is just enough to get it’s point across.

17. Slide out/Quinn Shot

This track is quite riveting all the way to the very end which compliments the suspense of realizing Quinn was shot.

(Bonus Track):

18. Past, Present and Future Overture

This bonus track has some pop-like traits as well as some soft tones which would have fit in well with episodes such as “Eggheads” and “Last Days”.

*Tracks not used in the series

You can purchase the Sliders Original Television Soundtrack, composed and conducted by Dennis McCarthy exclusively at: Dennis McCarthy Yahoo Store