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Interview with Jerry O'Connell

Twenty years after the sci-fi series “Sliders” premiered in 1995, we interviewed Jerry O'Connell about his memories and the future of the show.

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This website is dedicated fan resource for the sci-fi series Sliders. The show’s core concept involves interdimensional travel. In layman’s terms, the Sliders travel from one dimension to another where it’s the same year, the same earth, but a different dimension. Russia may rule America, geniuses may be the equivalent of celebrities, or dinosaurs may have never gone extinct. The possibilities are endless.

The series aired from 1995-2000 and was brought back from the dead several times by diehard fans campaigning for it’s return. It survived two cancellations before being cancelled permanently after its fifth season. Tracy Tormé and Robert K. Weiss created the unique series. It all began with a simple premise. George Washington and the Revolutionary War. What if America’s first president had died from the hands of the British?

The show aired on the Fox Television Network for the first three seasons and was later brought back for two more seasons on the SyFy Network. It has become a cult scifi series that is known well in pop culture which firmly set the groundwork for the parallel universe topic in television.