A Retrospective: #SlidersRewatch

On March 22, 2015 on the 20th anniversary of Sliders, slidecage.com began its journey to Rewatch the entire series with you. Each week we would watch one episode per week until we completed the entire series on my Twitter slidersfanblog, using the hashtag #SlidersRewatch. It was a long journey that began on 3/22/15 and ended 12/31/16.

While we watched each episode I “live tweeted” my thoughts on Twitter. I estimate I went through close to 100,000 images for the entire series, posting some of the most interesting during the rewatch. Rewatching a series with everyone and putting your thoughts out there is much harder than it appears. I occasionaly added some behind the scenes material during the rewatches after research on episodes.

Doing the Rewatch was like riding the worlds highest and lowest rollercoaster. On a personal level I barely made it through some episodes from being extremely ill (no pun intended). At other times I couldn’t wait till the episodes began. I found season three to be the most enjoyable to tweet about. Perhaps because so many of the episodes were based off theatrical movies. They were light hearted, adventurous, fun, and often ridiculous.

Season four was difficult in the sense that it had some great material to tweet about but the Kromaggs always seemed in the way. You can’t help but say good things about the first couple of seasons but with the fifth season it felt like they ripped out my heart all over again. An unfinished show left as a shadow of what it was.

With almost every “Live Tweet” out there plainly put, it is a live tweet of an instant reaction to a live event. But Sliders is a far fetch from airing live, as it went off the air nearly 17 years ago. Perhaps my reactions were suppressed in the sense that you, the reader were already aware of the different situations in the episodes. Since I know the episodes by heart, my instant reactions were merely cast off as a delayed memory, merely cemented in stone in many cases. Something that has been painstakingly cherished over 22 years. These Live Tweets are essentially a statement to the legacy of Sliders. Thanks for following me on a great adventure. There’ll be more to come in the future.

From the Paradise Lost episode rewatch: