What is Sliders?
Sliders is a science fiction series that aired from 1995-2000. It debuted on the FOX network in 1995, and was cancelled two times before moving to the SciFi Channel in 1998. It is about a group of four individuals who go “sliding” from one parallel dimension to another trying to find their way back home.

Do the Sliders time travel?
No. They travel from one world to the next where it’s the same year and the same earth, but a different dimension.

Are there any Sliders reruns on tv?
At the current time, Sliders is not in syndication.

Is the show on Blu Ray?
Sliders is currently not on Blu Ray. You can request one here Product Suggestions | NBC Universal Store.

Is the show on DVD?
Yes, seasons one through five are on DVD. A the current time there is no Blu Ray edition.

Is there a Sliders movie?
There are no theatrical or TV movies of Sliders.

Why do the episodes appear to be out of order on Netflix and the DVDs?
Netflix and Universal Studios has placed the episodes in order of their original airing. By watching the episodes in the production order you will be watching them in the order they were intended to be watched. Refer to the Episode Guides page for a complete listing of the accurate episode order and downloadable PDFs.

Is Netflix missing episodes?
Yes, “Last Days” and “The Weaker Sex” are missing from the Netflix library. You can watch these episodes on Hulu Plus, but be advised the website only streams the first three seasons.

What happened to Michelle at the end of “El Sid”?
That’s left open-ended, as the writers never resolved this plot.

Where was Sliders filmed?
The first two seasons (1995-1996) were filmed in Vancouver, Canada. While the last three (1996-2000) were filmed in Los Angeles, California and surrounding areas.

How many episodes are there?
In total 88 if you count the Pilot as two episodes. If you consider the Pilot only as one part, 87 episodes.

How long would it take to watch the entire series?
Nonstop, it would take a total of 2 days, 17 hours and 38 minutes.

When do the Kromaggs appear in Sliders?
They debut in the season two episode “Invasion”. They are not seen again until the premiere of season four where most of the season revolves around a Kromagg story arc.

How many seasons are there of Sliders?
There are a total of five seasons airing from 1995-2000.

When does Maggie Beckett (Kari Wuhrer) join the team?
She makes her debut in season three’s “The Exodus, Part I” and remains with the team into the final fifth season.

Do you know of a company that sells timers?
Not at the current time. However, fans occasionally offer their homemade replicas for sale on EBay.

Who is Ken Steadman?
He is an actor who tragically died on set in a dune buggy accident, in the season three episode “Desert Storm”.

How many different timers are in the series?
Four. Quinn’s original timer, Logan St. Clair’s in “Double Cross”, an Egyptian timer from “Slide Like An Egyptian”, and Dr. Jensen’s from “The Exodus, Part I”.