In what episodes do the Sliders return home?
Season’s two’s premiere episode “Into the Mystic”, season three’s “The Exodus, Part I” and season four’s “Genesis”. It’s controversial however, if they really did return home in “The Exodus, Part I” and “Genesis”.

Do the Sliders finally ever get home?
Many obstacles and tragedies face the sliders over a period of five seasons. Rembrandt, one of the original four Sliders, has a chance of getting back home in the season five cliffhanger, “The Seer”.

What was the last episode for Professor Arturo (John Rhys-Davies)?
“The Exodus, Part II”. It originally aired February 28, 1997 and marked the 18th episode of the 25 in the third season.

Does Wade Welles (Sabrina Lloyd) appear in the season five episode “Requiem”?
She does not make a physical appearance. However she presents a voiceover for her character in “Requiem”.

Did the wrong Professor Arturo slide in “Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome”?
Yes, it was intended by co-creator Tracy Tormé for the wrong Arturo to slide but the plot was never resolved by the FOX network before Rhys-Davies departed from the show.

Which slider has the tracking device implanted by the Kromaggs in the “Invasion” episode?
It is revealed in the season four episode “Common Ground” that Quinn was implanted with the tracking device.

What happens to Quinn and Colin?
Quinn is merged with his fraternal double on an alternate world, who is known as Mallory. Colin is split up into a thousand different directions and slides involuntarily.

What happens to Wade?
She is taken prisoner by Kromaggs on her home world and taken to a Kromagg breeding facility. She is later used in a Kromagg experimental program for a human computer where her disembodied head is suspended in fluid. Her fate appears lethal but it is still unknown.