Rembrandt’s back up singers, “The Spinning Tops” were named after the two music groups The Spinners and The Four Tops.

Binge Watching
Nonstop, it would take a total of 2 days, 17 hours and 38 minutes to watch the entire series.

Starring Role
Jerry O’Connell turned down the lead role as Bailey in “Party of Five” when the studio for Sliders pleaded with him to fill in as Quinn Mallory when their lead pulled from the show at the last minute.

Gospel Roots
Cleavant Derricks’ father wrote the gospel song “Just a Little Talk with Jesus” which was later recorded by artist Elvis Presley.

Drug Legalization
Jerry O’Connell was the writer for a comic book story entitled “Narcotica” for the Sliders comic book series.

The FOX Network predominately decided to air episodes out of order. The season three episode “Last of Eden” was filmed before actor John Rhys-Davies departed from the show. A new flashback opening scene was required to explain Professor Arturo’s appearance.

One Word
Héctor Elizondo was considered for the role of Professor Maximillian Arturo but refused the role due to one word. The show’s filming location: Vancouver.

The Velvet Fog
The season two episode “Greatfellas” guest stars popular jazz musician Mel Tormé, who is the father of the co-creator of the series, Tracy Tormé.

Pay it Forward
As a personal favor to Cleavant Derricks, actress Sabrina Lloyd done a voiceover for her character in the season five episode “Requiem” after she had previously departed from the series.

A New Beginning
When Sliders moved to the SciFi Channel in 1998 it became the highest rated premiere episode ever for the network.

Blood Brothers
Jerry O’Connell’s brother Charlie guest starred in the series twice before becoming a regular cast member in it’s fourth season. He starred in episodes from seasons two and three.

Family Connections
The wife of actor Jason Gaffney (Conrad Bennish Jr.) later guest stars as Gillian in the season two episode “Gillian of the Spirits”.