Sliders Reborn: Parts 3-4


Check out the latest installment of the 20th anniversary Sliders fan fiction by writer and fan Ibrahim Ng. It’s a five part miniseries that explains the whereabouts and adventures years after that final episode “The Seer”. You’ll rediscover our beloved characters Quinn, Professor Arturo, Rembrandt, Wade and many more. If you’ve missed out on parts one and two you can find them here at

Here’s a synopsis of the latest releases:

Part 3: “Revelation”

Who is Laurel Hills? What are the strange clocks scattered across three parallel Earths? Why are they counting down in perfect sync and what happens when the countdown ends? And what is the secret of 1995? The Sliders must find answers before time runs out. A 152-page screenplay.

Part 4: “Reminiscence”

How can Wade be alive after “Requiem”? How can Arturo still be alive after “The Exodus”? How was Quinn restored after “New Gods for Old”? How did they find Rembrandt? How can home be normal after “Genesis”? What has happened to the Kromagg Dynasty? All your questions will be answered in this short interlude novella.

These are available for download in a PDF format for your digital device. Don’t miss out on the final part of the Sliders Reborn miniseries coming January 2016! promo_artwork
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