Sliders Reborn


“Sliders Reborn” is a 20th anniversary special for the Sliders site It is a trilogy of screenplays by Sliders fan Ibrahim Ng that is set after “The Seer” episode. The scene takes place with Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo alive and well. I was able to get a first read of the prequel script and it seems by that account the subsequent scripts are quite promising. The prequel script and first 95 page installment will be released on 3/22/15. Subsequent scripts will arrive to Earthprime in June and August of 2015.

The script “Reunion” will tie in with a special contest in which the winner will receive the “Sliders” The Complete Series DVD Box set. The script features guest characters from every season of Sliders. It one of the most interesting contests I’ve heard of, that sounds pretty fun. For more details on the contest and scripts stay tuned to the definitive source for “Sliders”,