Sliders: T-Shirt

Have you ever wanted your own Sliders t-shirt? Well, I’ve recreated the Sliders logo to place on your shirt. T-Shirt Transfers are often available at your local retail stores, usually in the office supplies section. They allow you to personally place photos, text and more on fabric. Two types of transfers are usually offered, one for light colored shirts and the other for dark colored shirts.

These transfers are available in ink jet as well as laser for your printer; so make sure you buy the right type for your use. The items you usually need are a cotton shirt, printer, table, iron, pillow case, and of course t-shirt transfers. I’ve set up for you two PDF files of the Sliders logo for an 8.5×11 sheet transfer. For light colored shirts, transfers often require you to mirror the image (reverse image), while dark colored shirts do not. That’s why I’ve offered two PDFs.

I made myself a Sliders t-shirt and it took less than five minutes. I want to point out that these transfers often discourage you from making images with free-floating text. Why? They often leave an off-white color upon the t-shirt. That is; the part of the paper that is left blank and not cut off that is ironed onto the shirt, creates an off-white color. In other words they want you to make only round or square images. I suspect that making free floating text of dark transfers will be very hard, which is one of the reasons I haven’t given it a shot. For my white shirt I decided to cut a small rectangular shape around the Sliders logo to minimize this off-white. You can take a look at my example here: Sliders T-Shirt Example.

You may see this off-white around the logo, that’s why I encourage you to use an off-white t-shirt. However, after washing the tee a few times this off-white from the transfer does eventually go away. I want to emphasis that you should read the transfer directions very carefully. Little things such as using steam and not using it in your iron could drastically change the outcome. Furthermore there is always a possibility that the logo may not iron on correctly, etc.

Finally, I want to make it clear that I do not sell nor will sell Sliders t-shirts. These PDFs are free for your own personal use to make a Sliders tee. I hope you enjoy creating and are rewarded with a cool looking Sliders t-shirt.

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