“Summer of Love”

Episode Review

Season 1
Airdate: 4/19/95

The Sliders find themselves on a world where the hippie generation of the 1960s exists, while the U.S. wages war against Australia.

review2_1In the beginning we find Bennish on the home world, being thoroughly pushed for information on the Sliders’ whereabouts by the FBI. It’s a nice approach to play with, yet I believe it could have been executed better. For example, why not give Bennish the ability to slide to find his friends; or follow the lives of the families who are dealing with their disappearances?

review2_2The vortex has really impressed me in this episode exceeding my expectations of the ones featured in the “Pilot”. The Sliders first arrive on a world where creatures named “spiderwasps” overtake the U.S. They’ll undoubtedly grab your attention and quickly. Especially the one that finds itself on Arturo’s back. They did a nice job in creating a fictional creature, while still making it believeable. As the Sliders advance the timer to escape certain death they are separated among two different wormholes.

review2_3The next world the Sliders arrive on is comparable to our earth during the Vietnam War in the 60s. On this earth however, it’s where we discover that the U.S. and Australia are in total warfare. Oliver North has been elected president and the hippies are bizarre as ever. “Summer of Love” is packed with great comedy and it also follows three different routes the Sliders take on the 60s world. You’ll find no disappointments with the comedic paranoia of Mrs. Tweak and Rembrandt’s amusing experiences with his double’s wife.

With all the mayhem that revolves around the Sliders, they struggle to reunite and discover a way home before the time runs out on their next slide. “Summer of Love” relies heavily on humor and of course the “what if” factor continues to demonstrate to us how different things can be on a parallel world. You’ll want to quickly follow up with the next episode “Prince of Wails” since continuity plays a factor among the two.