“Time Again and World”

Episode Review

Season 2
Airdate: 4/5/96

The Sliders travel to two different dimensions which leaves them seeing… déjà vu.

review11_1Everyone one is all worked up in the beginning of this episode about not getting home. Well I guess I would be too. But what’s cool about Sliders is the “what if” scenario and it starts out with a bang. The women of the first world grow mustaches and goatees. Pretty weird if you ask me.

As Quinn waits to meet the others to slide, it looks as if a showdown is brewing. Sure enough, there’s a traffic accident between a police officer and a judge. Moments later it results in the judge’s homicide. It’s as if an elaborate set up was in place to kill the man. What mixes up the story even more is when the dying judge gives Wade a computer disc. The Sliders barely make the slide to the next world.

On this new world it’s déjà vu, where the same things happen, except now the judge shoots the cop. It’s seems that this world operates on Van Meer’s theory of Straight Relativistic Time Dilation, where time is behind on this world. Professor Arturo explains this theory in greater detail in the season three episode, “The Guardian”. This world’s dressing attire is pretty strange too, where policemen wear kilts. Even the step father of the country wore them as well… President J. Edgar Hoover.

review11_2The Sliders check into the “Lamplighter” motel which becomes their haven for season two. Meanwhile an investigation is ongoing of the police officer’s death. Soon enough the Sliders are threatened by the “mafia” to keep quiet on all that they saw. Yet after all the harassment and threats, Wade continues to nag the Sliders about figuring out what the computer disc and “LC the Rock 54? is all about.

Rembrandt, Quinn, and Arturo want to get out to the countryside and leave all their troubles behind. Well, that’s exactly what I would’ve done too. However Wade continues to become a nuisance, and the rest of the Sliders eventually give into her demands. This is an episode that has really brought me to despise Wade and her unruly attitude. Not only that, she seems to whine about everything. I really don’t see how the rest of the Sliders put up with her on this world.

review11_3Judge Nassau is soon arrested for the shooting, as the Sliders try to find out what is on the computer disc. There are various double agents in this crime, with one party spying on another while pretending to be someone else. There’s so much going on in this episode it’s nearly impossible to fully grasp the whole picture. It’s as if this episode is too smart for it’s own kilts. The episode does have a very important message of not letting tyranny overrun a nation, but it’s not explained in an entertaining way. You have to throw on your thinking cap to understand the episode’s true message. If you don’t you’ll be left leaving the episode in total dismay.

The Sliders discover that the disc contains a highly important government document. It’s something the police and government want to keep a tight lid on. They face a difficult decision; to save the life and freedom of Judge Nassau or suppress the truth that would change the face of a nation.