What If: The Cuban Missile Crisis Exploded?

Slidecage Parallel Earth News Service
Jul 1, 2009 07:30 EST

This new world I’ve ventured upon seems quite normal and in sync with our own. Obama is president of the U.S., global warming controversies continue, and rumors of war spread concerning the countries of Iran and North Korea. The sky here is the bluest I’ve ever seen and the sunsets are even more beautiful.

I almost feel like this world is akin to what the Sliders saw in the episode “Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome”. It feels like home, yet there’s something that I can’t quite put my finger on. I decided to travel to a local library to discover if there was anything unlike our world. There was a huge lightning storm approaching and I just made it to the entrance before getting drenched.

Oddly enough the library is also part of a dinosaur museum that has a dirt floor. I was just making my way into the museum when somehow-someway everyone including myself ended up outside. I was pretty disoriented as to what was had occurred. An older gentleman informed me that the daily power outage was in effect. At the time I assumed this world was suffering from lack of power supply, and sure enough they are.

Yet I still couldn’t understand why I was outside. There was a vast amount of landscape around me; mostly dirt with a few areas of grass sprouting. I decided to walk up to the nearest hill to get a clearer view of the entire area. Sure enough, as far as I could see I saw undeveloped land with people everywhere. There were no buildings, tents, streets or even trees. I was beginning to think I was losing my mind or having hallucinations.

I walked back, with timer in hand, to the place where I thought the library had stood. Not long after, everything returned to normal. The lights were on and I was back in the library and museum. What was peculiar was the appearance of a glitch everywhere, almost like a malfunction you would see with a TV or computer. Precisely I soon discovered that the majority of the entire globe was part of a hologram.

The very book I was holding in my hand was purely in data form. I soon learned that a global nuclear war had destroyed most of the earth’s landforms, inhabitants, and landmarks. Apparently a standoff from the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 ended in disaster. A few hundred thousand people had survived this devastating nuclear war, yet many of the people I see are also holograms themselves, not even physical whatsoever.

It turns out that the achieved physicist Stephen Hawking, along with computer whizzes Bill Gates and Steve Jobs created this global hologram in 1990. The current civilization is slowly but surely rebuilding and regrowing. Plant life is slowly uprooting, and buildings are gradually returning to the horizon.

Famous landmarks such as the U.S. White House, the Empire State building, and the Tower of London are purely in hologram form. Only about 25% of the earth’s landscape and landmarks have been replenished. Apparently most of the current events that have taken place since 1963 have occurred in a computer, yet visually projected to the people through a hologram.

The current leader of North Korea is threatening to use nuclear force against the physical world as well as the current hologram computer system to make his country the most powerful nation on earth. It’s nearly time for my slide and I’ll really be glad to get back home. This is one world that’s dangerous and awe inspiring all at the same time.