What If: The U.S. Lost WWII?

Slidecage Parallel Earth News Service
Mar 31, 2009 09:57 EST

Time and clocks are non existent. Workers are told when to start and stop their day by their boss. The people of this parallel world are virtually slaves to their work.

A world government called Die Vereinigt Welt Allianz or (The United World Alliance) banned all use of time in the year 1947; saying time restraints are stressful to human health. Apparently the effects of World War II led to world government and the prohibition of time. The U.S. lost in their war efforts and Hitler took control, gaining worldwide control. No health records, newspapers, or photos are allowed. They are considered to be a form of time. Of course all parallel worlds are the same year; however no year is even kept here.

To my suspicion, all forms of religion are outlawed except one. Devotion to the UWA church system is virtually mandatory. Small groups of individuals have formed their own churches in isolated areas to practice their religion. There is no monetary system in this world government, and you are not paid one cent. You’re merely given goods for you labor to fit your necessities. Behind the scenes the leaders do keep time, otherwise records of what goods have been distributed wouldn’t be known. Bartering occurs under the table among the citizens, but it’s also prohibited.

If you are caught with a time device, or any form of written record, the penalty is death. That sounds stressful enough. The people of this world are extremely illiterate and fearfully afraid of their government. Poverty and violence can be seen almost on any street corner as well. Although the sun can be used for time, it is also heavily prohibited to use as a technology. Only government officials are literate, and are allowed to use time. If you are a fortunate citizen, you could be chosen to attend their educational system. If you choose to do so, you will be a UWA government official for lifetime, no exceptions. Musicians, actors, and all entertainment skills are sought by the UWA only. They choose what music you listen to and what movies you see. It all appears to be a form of brainwashing and the public has no control over the situation.

There is one religion, one language, one government, and no freedom. The people are oppressed to a point of no return. If you step out of line in this government you are given the death sentence. I suspect that immediate execution upon the spot was abolished since a possible uprising of citizens could occur from their anger. It merely appears that the “stress of time” was a façade, while the UWA took control.

I had to be extremely careful on my journey in this world because of my timer. Since there are no forms of records there I was only able to obtain this information from a gentleman named Hans. Of course he was suspicious that I had no knowledge of this world, but he was willing to help my curiosity. This earth is ruled with a complete radical dictatorship. It’s one world that I don’t care to leave behind.