The Complete Series

These episode guides are in the correct order according to episode production order. Please note that season one was heavily out of order during airdate including on the DVDs. You can download a copy of these correct episode guides including a DVD discography at the right of each DVD season page, and at the bottom page of mobile devices.

The Complete Series (2016)


The Complete Series in episode continuity order is available on DVD in this 15 disc set.

– 15-Disc Set
– 87 Episode (The Complete Series)
– Single Sided DVDs
– Contains the Complete Series
– “Play All” Feature
– Runtime: 65hrs. 29mins.
– Full Frame: 1.33:1
– Language: Dolby Digital
– Presented in story continuity order

The Complete Series DVD Set Photos:

complete2016_dvd_front_studio complete2016_dvd_front_alternate_studio complete2016_dvd_back_studio complete2016_dvd_slipcover_studio complete2016_dvd_discs_studio menu episode-menu

DVD Review: The Complete Series (Region 1)
Release Date: 10/11/16

This 2016 Complete Series set has been released via Mill Creek Entertainment. The DVD box features the classic Sliders font, a series synopsis on the back, and main character Quinn Mallory on the cover, with a total of 15 DVD discs. The FOX Network ran the tagline “A new dimension of adventure. Moments away… worlds apart.” in a print advertisement which is seen on the front cover.

In early 2016 we learned the budget home video company, Mill Creek Entertainment was releasing the Sliders the Complete Series set again and I implored them to place the episodes in continuity order. Thankfully they did. There’s no more need for a DVD guide for this particular release. Nevertheless there’s still numerous flaws with this set.

On the bright side, this is a compact DVD only about an inch wide. It utilizes a slip cover with 8 cardboard sleeves. The DVDs are packaged in each sleeve with one disc on each side. Now to be honest, I think I’d rather go back to the foam casing the 2004 Dual Dimension set sported, rather than placing them in these sleeves. They seem to be more prone in scratching the discs.

The video quality is clearly a downside on this Mill Creek Entertainment set. They compressed 87 episodes on 15 discs whereas the previous release in 2014 used 22 discs. There’s an obvious loss of detail and saturation. Just check out the examples below. The left screenshot is from the Dual-Dimension Edition (2004) and at the right the most recent, The Complete Series (2016). Not only that they did crop more than Universal Studios and that can be a good or bad thing depending on how you perceive it.

Mill Creek Entertainment Universal Studios

This set does has something going for it and that’s the artwork, naming the title of each DVD disc, and the continuity order the episodes are placed in. What holds the set back, is the poor video compression, the cardboard sleeves, and the incessant advertising all over the discs and inside holder. Did I mention there are zero bonus features and no subtitles?

Overall if you’re new to Sliders or a casual fan who doesn’t have the Complete Series go ahead and pick it up. Simply for the incredible price and the episode continuity order. However if you’re a diehard Sliders fan and videophile, stick to the previous releases. You’ll have greater detail and a more vibrant color in the video. This Mill Creek Entertainment Sliders set offers a great opportunity to introduce this cult scifi series to family and friends at an affordable price.

The Complete Series (2014)


– 22 Disc Set
– 87 Episodes (The Complete Series)
– Single Sided DVDs
– Episode Summaries (Seasons 1-3 only)
– Scene Selection (Seasons 1-3 only)
– “Play All” Feature”
– Runtime 3954 minutes
– English Dolby Digital 2.0
– Subtitles: English, Español, Français
– Full Frame 1.33:1
– Bonus Features

The Complete Series DVD Discography

Bonus Features:
S1 Disc 1: “Pilot” episode audio commentary with co-creators/writers Tracy Tormé and Robert K. Weiss.

S2 Disc 4: The Making of Sliders: A fourteen minute featurette with Jerry O’Connell, Cleavant Derricks, and co-creators/writers Tracy Tormé and Robert K. Weiss.

Photo Gallery: A one minute photo gallery show featuring 25 of the best Sliders photos.

S3 Disc 6 – Sliders Gag Reel: Runtime is approximately six minutes

The Complete Series DVD Set Photos:
The Complete Series Front Cover
The Complete Series Front Cover Alternate
The Complete Series Back Cover
The Complete Series Back Cover Alternate
The Complete Series Discs

Menu Episode Index Episode Summary
Scenes Languages Bonus

DVD Review: The Complete Series (Region 1)
Release Date: 12/2/14

This Complete Series set is packaged with five slim cases, one per season. The discs lay in a round plastic tray that fold within each DVD case. The outside white box contains embossed lettering of “Sliders Complete Series” and features a series synopsis on the back. The cases, specifically seasons one and two, are exact duplicates of the previous 2012 DVD releases.

The primary advantage of this Complete Series Set is season three. Originally it was packaged in a very sturdy yet aggravating orange plastic. The plastic would bend above the discs, making it a chore just to remove them. When this season was released in 2005 it was created with double-sided DVDs. However now, the discs are single sided making scratching and smearing less likely. The episode “This Slide of Paradise” is now grouped with other episodes instead of being on a disc by itself.

I did notice however the menu of season three sounds and looks slightly different compared to the 2005 release. I mean extremely slightly too. If you haven’t used the other previous releases heavily then it will be completely unnoticeable. The menu music has a slightly slower tone and the text appears sharper.

Finally, Universal Studios has released a “Sliders” DVD set that is acceptable. Discs being properly packaged can go a long way. However there are nitpicks that can’t and shouldn’t be overlooked. Primarily the episodes are still, yes still after three releases, placed on the DVDs by airdate not the episode production order. This can confuse newcomers to the show as well as casual viewers especially for the first season. A complete series set should have more extras than it does, including the season four “Making of Sliders” that has yet to be released in a Region 1 DVD.

Hopefully Universal Studios will eventually see the need to correct the episode order and even transfer these gems to blu rays. Overall this is the best “Sliders” set yet.

You can purchase The Complete Series Set at various places online including the: NBC Store.