“El Sid”

Episode Review

Season 2
Airdate: 3/29/96

review12_1The Sliders travel to a world where the city of San Francisco is a national security prison.

Before they slide to the city prison they find themselves in the midst of a firefight. We’re introduced to “Sid”, a mean tempered hotheaded guy that abuses his girlfriend Michelle. It’s time to slide and Quinn decides to rescue Michelle and takes her with the team as Sid brings up the rear and follows through the vortex. Well, that’s a way to start off an episode to add more problems for our Sliders isn’t it? But after all, Quinn did do the right thing.

After arriving in the San Francisco prison, they soon befriend a fellow prisoner named LJ. What’s interesting about this prison world is that it doesn’t look like a prison at all, but more like a rehabilitation center, even the Sliders are clueless to begin with. LJ calls the place a campus and tells the Sliders their housing costs are covered by the “G”, government housing.

review12_2The main method of controlling the prisoners is through “buddy bracelets”. These devices work by making you look after your own buddy, if your buddy gets in trouble well you’re in deep trouble as well. These bracelets are basically what we would call a bracelet for house arrest. It appears that the consequences of not controlling your “buddy” is death. Friends don’t let friends commit crimes. Well guess who Quinn’s buddy is? None other than “el Sid”.

What makes this world interesting are the little things like no vehicles, buddy bracelets, security cameras and even signs that state “We appreciate that you choose not to stand in the same place for long periods.” It really looks like Jerry O’Connell aka Quinn Mallory made a sacrifice in this episode, after Sid throws him up against a wall. Sid has quite a strong grab on his neck as Jerry’s face turns cherry red, either that or Jerry O’Connell is good at holding his breath.

review12_3Rembrandt and Arturo try to avoid trouble and the girls are forced into “group therapy”. Quinn and LJ find Sid stealing from an ATM and taking a hostage in the process. What’s great about this scene is the purple money from the ATM, just another potential in the world of “what if’s”.

Quinn is soon on the run for his life after Sid is caught, and LJ leads the Sliders to a shelter away from the police. The final ten minutes of this episode doesn’t disappoint, as it has a few twists and turns that make the first 30 minutes well worth the wait.