Jerry O

Quinn Mallory

On September 13th 1994, grad physics student Quinn Mallory attempted to create the world’s first anti-gravity device, but instead accidentally opened the gateway to parallel dimensions. He built a sliding machine and perfected a timing device called the timer, to open these wormholes. He took his Professor, Maximillian Arturo, close friend Wade Welles and by accident, a singer named Rembrandt Brown on the adventure of their lives. The Sliders often ridicule him because he’s been unable to get them back to their home world. His father was killed and struck by a car before he began his sliding, but he has a loving mother who he is desperately trying to return home to. Quinn is known for his scientific and academic brilliance, which has saved the Sliders from some dangerous situations. Above all, his mission is to get them home.

John Rhys-Davies as "Professor Arturo"

Professor Maximillian Arturo

Accepting no less than excellence, Professor Arturo prods his brilliant students to be the absolute best. He is regents professor of cosmology and ontology at the University of California and has taught distinguished students including Quinn Mallory and the obnoxious Conrad Bennish Jr. “In the interest of science”, his student Mr. Mallory convinced him to slide through the gateway to parallel worlds. His late wife Christina Fox died of a brain aneurysm at the age of 27. The Professor is seen as a father figure to the Sliders underneath his short temper. He is good-natured at heart and views Quinn as a son he never had.

Sabrina Lloyd as "Wade Welles"

Wade Welles

Best friend to Quinn Mallory, Wade attended North Shore Junior College and majored in Romantic Literature. At times she can be a bit contentious but she cares for the others deeply without condition. The Doppler Computer Store employed her before she left with her co-worker Quinn to “take a spin around the universe”. Her father is Don Wells and also has a sibling named Kelly. She tends to think outside the scientific box with topics like the spirit realm, vegetarianism, and the supernatural. She has a crush on Quinn but the nature of sliding keeps the two from pursuing their love further.

Cleavant Derricks as "Rembrandt Brown"

Rembrandt Brown

Known for crying real tears at every performance, Rembrandt Brown thrills his fans with his vocals and on-stage performances. With that, he has earned the name “The Crying Man”, and has many hit songs including “Cry Like a Man” and “Tears in My Fro.” He was scheduled to sing the national anthem at a baseball game in Candlestick Park but accidentally drove into Quinn’s moving vortex while driving his beloved Cadillac. He frequently gripes to the Sliders about being inadvertently caught up in interdimensional sliding. Remmy is an excellent cook and is also a former US Navy veteran. He is credited with giving Quinn the nickname “Q-Ball”.

Kari Wuhrer as "Maggie Beckett"

Maggie Beckett

Having a military mindset, Maggie can be very snide and commanding. Her father was Lt. General Thomas Beckett and she became a captain in the US Marines under the command of Colonel Angus Rickman. After her husband Dr. Stephen Jensen was murdered by her superior, she decided to chase after him from dimension to dimension with the Sliders. It’s unquestionable that she and slider Wade Welles are confrontational with one another. Radioactive pulsars destroyed Maggie’s world and everything she knew shortly after the Sliders’ arrival. With time and experience her combative nature diminishes with the heavy toll that sliding brings.

Charlie O

Colin Mallory

Naïve, kind-hearted and witty, Colin is the brother of Quinn Mallory. His parents delivered him to his duplicate parents on an alternate world as a child for his safety. On this world, he grew up in an Amish-like environment with little technological advancement. He is an inventor of the electrostatic generator, the hang glider and many other inventions on his world. His foster parents died when he was very young due to a lack of medical advancement. Since the world he was raised on isn’t modernized he has a curious personality from one dimension to the next. Despite the cultural differences between himself and his brother they grow a special bond when Quinn convinces him to slide.

Robert Floyd as "Mallory"


A scientist named Dr. Oberon Geiger merged Quinn Mallory with his fraternal alternate. “Mallory” resulted from Geiger’s deliberate experiments and causes trouble for the Sliders whenever they cross paths. Mallory was unknowingly used as a guinea pig for the lab. He can be an independent and conceited individual quite often. Dr. Geiger cured him from being paralyzed from the waist down. Quinn decides to slide through the vortex so that the Sliders can discover a way to unmerge the two of them. Mallory feels the others don’t accept him; all the while our Quinn Mallory fights to not be forgotten.

Tembi Locke as "Diana Davis"

Diana Davis

Physics major and scientist for Dr. Oberon Geiger, Diana is tasked with the responsibility of unmerging the two Quinn Mallorys. In order to accomplish this job she began sliding with the others after discovering Geiger’s sinister motives. She is very intelligent scientifically and academically but can be naïve at times. When Diana was alienated from her family Dr. Geiger became her mentor. She is fully dedicated to her work and soon discovers parallel universes are nothing like the scientific lab.