The Blue Brick Road

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on yet another Sliders project. That of geolocating numerous filming locations that the Sliders crew filmed at. While I know that many of these places have already been documented on various sites, I find it adventurous of itself. They can also been seen as documented historical locations as well. Landscapes, buildings, and roads can change drastically over the years and some already have since the show aired.

I think it’s important these locations don’t get lost for fans and specifically future fans of the show. Obviously not every location will be found but perhaps I can find some new ones that others have missed in my research. It’s my hope to publish locations in early 2017. Among the most locations will be Vancouver British Columbia, and Los Angeles California.

With the onslaught of the NBC time travel series “Timeless” and the Netflix movie Parallels being green lighted to TV as “The Building”, Sliders has been gaining more recognition from past fans. Whether or not these shows will help or hurt a potential Sliders return remains to be seen. Sliders is owned by NBCUniversal, NBC hosts “Timeless” and “The Building” will likely air on FOX. It only makes sense for Syfy to bring a competitor to the forefront. If you haven’t signed the Bring Back Sliders petition yet please do and send it to your friends and family. Actor Jerry O’Connell supports the petition and we’re nearly at 1,000 signatures. Visit

I’m also working on screencaps for each episode of the series. Feel free to use these as needed. We’ll be on episode number 82 of 87 at the end of the week for the weekly #SlidersRewatch Live Tweet. We started on this journey on March 22, 2015 and in some ways it seems so long and in another so short. When the Sliders Rewatch concludes I’ll post a retrospective of this 2 year event. Thank you all for following along for these. After we finish the entire series, we’ll occasionally have more Live Tweets throughout the years, and who knows maybe a Live Tweet of a new Sliders series.

“I am happy. Everyone’s getting healthy again. We really made an impact now. We brought the people on the last world a cure. No matter what happens from here on in – sliding made a difference.” – Quinn Mallory